Thirsties New Prints Melon Party and Cactus Garden

     Thirsties released two new prints this week. Thirsties Prints Melon Garden and Cactus Party will be stocking at stores on 8/4, these will be hot sellers! Here are some shops that have announced they will carry the prints. Available in multiple options, covers, AIOs, newborn sizes and with limited availability, here are three of my affiliates to find these prints at:

     Here are three of my affiliates stocking this diaper. While the images on the diapers may not be the specific print, you need to go on a small treasture hunt to find them. Click on the diaper style you like and then search through the prints to see if they are available. I’m using this opportunity to try the new natural fiber AIO. I’m already a huge fan of their made in the USA pockets and duo wraps, I’m sure we’ll love this new style too. Happy shopping!

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