The Real Dangers of Cloth Diapering 8 Things to Watch For

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

All things come with risks. Buyer beware. When I started cloth diapering, I was warned by friends and family. Warnings about cloth diapers included everything from cleaning poo to the idea that I wouldn’t stick with it. I read about ammonia burns and elastic marks, rashes and yeast. Everything you could imagine to try and deter me from cloth diapering. Despite photos of baby rashes I can’t un-see (please go to the doctor before putting photos of your baby’s butt on the internet) and some oddities, I still cloth diapered my children. I went ahead with something those around me were unfamiliar with and had a negative opinion about. I learned that the real truth is out there, and other Moms who cloth know it all too well. Like other cloth diapering Moms, I know that the real risks run far deeper then a few poo diapers. Post contains affiliate links.

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I started my cloth diapering journey over 4 years ago, however it feels like yesterday. I started with a set of 2 covers and 12 prefolds that were given to me. Since then, we have tried over 35 brands and really truly enjoy reviewing diapers, hosting giveaways and sharing information with everyone who we can reach. Cloth diapers are a real labor of love. Through my experiences, receiving feedback from others and lots of thoughtful consideration, I composed the real dangers of cloth diapering and the 8 things you should watch for:

1. An nearly giddy excited feeling when it’s time for a diaper change.

What print will I put on next?! One insert or insert and a doubler…To be honest, sometimes I change early just to switch up the diaper. Hey, it’s not going to waste and I don’t have to buy a replacement, why not make sure baby is extra dry…and in all the adorable diapers today!

2. Hearing Music in a Whole New Way.

Lord have Mercy, How he’d even get that diaper on? Moving up a bigger size onesie and/or pants a bit early…because that fluffy bum is just so fluffy! I love all music, and often find myself humming ‘Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk’ when I’m changing my fluff bum.

3. The inflatable stash.

I think I’ll just start with a few covers and prefolds. That’s all I really need, right? Three months later, sifting through your 50 diaper stash with one hand while ordering the newest release from (affiliate) Nicki’s Diapers with the other. It’s a must with free shipping!

4. Loose lips.

How do you know a baby is cloth diapered? Don’t worry, their parents will tell you! An uncontrollable urge to spread the cloth love. Talking about cloth with others, strangers, the cashier at the supermarket and every one who will listen!

5. Un-followers.

Post a fluff picture or 300 to your timeline? Diapers sunning on the clothes line and all clean, folded and perfect right from the wash? While some may unfollow your beautiful fluff photos, you know that your efforts to help #MakeClothMainstream and show off your well cared for baby are priceless! If they don’t like your cloth photos you don’t really want to be FB friends anyways…

6. Mom in the know.

Ever get that proud feeling when you whip our your diaper bag in public. You see the parent next to you; Changing another disposable set to decompose for a bazillion years in a landfill? Yeah, you brought your cloth diapers, change into the most adorable fluff ever, take them home to wash and reuse! High-five from Mother Earth, and you made sure to share the cloth love with them before leaving.

7. The snowball effect.

It all started with Cloth Diapers… next you have Reusable menstrual products, Un-paper towels, upcycled baby bibs and even the dog’s bedding is made from repurpoused goods. The easy and joy of cloth diapering made you realize that all reusable products might be as fun, exciting to collect and good for the planet!

8. Superhero status as a direct result faster trips to the store.

Flash GordMom? Because you cloth diaper, you can completely skip the diaper section at the store! Less to buy, carry home and with the extra room in your cart…you can get more of the other things you need and don’t need as many shopping trips to keep your family stocked!

Have you experienced any of these? I know I have! I hope this gave you a bit of a chuckle if you cloth diaper! If you don’t I hope it helped bring some insight into cloth diapering. As always, I thank you for stopping by!

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3 years ago

9. You might stand in the nappy aisle and have a mini meltdown
On the rare occasion when you might need disposable nappies (trip away etc), you are likely to have a bit of a melt down as you visualise all those nappies filling up your bin and going to landfill, and your wallet emptying quickly at the checkout.

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