The Real Dangers of Babywearing; 7 Signs to Watch For.

Every so often a wave of articles and chatter about the dangers of babywearing fill chat groups and blogs. Suffocation is a big mention, hip dysplasia or joint misalignment with ‘crotch danglers’ or narrow based carriers that allow baby’s legs to hang in space, and a list of other mentions. Those of us who love babywearing know that despite these warnings, the reality is that there are many wonderful things that come along with babywearing ….and we know more commonly that the real dangers include:

dangers of babywearing and babywearing dangers

     I’ve heard it all! Even strangers warn me about the dangers of babywearing: “You’re going to spoil him!” or “Are you sure he’s breathing in there?!” It seems like many are eager to point out the dangers of babywearing from their perspective. I’ve even heard “Babywearing is going to cause Hip Dysplasia!”
What the critics think.
     Onlookers see a risk for suffocation and may believe that babywearing prevents baby from developing independence or the ability to walk. With my first baby I second guessed myself…with my 4th, I know to brush off discouraging questions and remarks. While there are many benefits to babywearing, there are also risks. What are the real dangers to babywearing? Here are the real dangers I face as a babywearing Mom and the ones you’ll more commonly encounter:

1. Dropping crumbs on baby while eating in a front carry. Then wondering if you should take baby out, after multiple attempts to brush crumbs out of his/her hair. What’s a few crumbs right?

2. An unexplainable urge to buy new wraps and soft structured carriers! After purchasing these carriers you wash, fold and admire your stash. Take/share stash shots! Possibly add wrap scrap accessories to personalize your carrier, or carry pieces of beautiful wraps with you when you’re not babywearing.

3. Sleepy dust, or a baby who falls asleep in minutes after being worn. This effect is primarily from sheer comfort and happiness. You may hear “Wow, that carrier came with a lot of sleepy dust!”

4. The ability to get things done. Cleaning, exercise, shopping and whatever your heart desires…all with baby happily in tow.

5. Clipping baby toe nails without any fuss with him/her in a back carry. Those little feet are dangling in perfect position for happy grooming! What’s a few clumps of hair missing from the back of your head in exchange for grooming little one’s nails without tears? Baby may not even know it’s getting done! (Get a teething necklace for hair pulling).

6. A strong urge to stalk babywearing pages, read chatter, make friends with other babywearing parents and watch for new carrier releases.

7.  Getting stared at like you have two heads by the non-babywearing Mom you mentioned working on your double hammock to…whom you are now helping shop for her first carrier.

I was standing in the supermarket parking lot getting my baby into his sling. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone running at me and the hair on my arms stood up as I thought I may need to be on the defensive. I heard a screech….”I love your Lillebaby!!!” It was another babywearing Mom who spotted my carrier from across the lot and ran over to greet me. “I babywear, do you babywear too?!” “I do!!! Did we just become best friends?!”



While this article is lighthearted, safety is not something to joke about. Check to make sure your  baby sling isn’t one that was recalled and please visit my other articles. Make sure to read about Why Woven Wraps are So Expensive, 6 Benefits to Wearing a Disabled Child, Chimparoo Woven Wraps!

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Please use this downloadable guide from Babywearing International for safety tips and visit their site for resources and information on babywearing safety.(Image credit below to Babywearing International).

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. This post in no way attempts to make individual recommendations. Please consult your local BWI group for individual consultations and always practice safe technique. Consult your knowledgable Occupational Therapist for babywearing recommendations specific to your needs.

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