The Nursing Cover Reinvented

     When I first started breastfeeding, I thought a nursing cover, one that looked like an apron, was a must-have item. However, I quickly learned that it mainly drew attention to me with it’s size tent-like effect. In addition, my baby kicked and flapped it around. I became comfortable nursing in public and will feed my baby whenever he needs to eat. However, during the summer months I often feel a bit exposed. I want to leave the house wearing a cool nursing tank, but when I lower the tank to nurse nearly my entire top half of my body is uncovered. In addition, there are certain situations when I would like a little more coverage here or there. I was thrilled to meet Lauren from LUCU Wear Nest Vest at MommyCon! LUCU Wear is the nursing cover “reinvented,” and it truly is! It’s an attractive garment, it can be worn even while not breastfeeding and can be worn with a soft structured carrier! Here’s information about this company and my sponsored review.

      I love my nursing tank tops. This one also has a shelf bra that gives my regular nursing bra a bit more support with holding up the girls. However, even though I love these tanks, I do feel a bit exposed running around in public. It’s one of the reasons I was attracted to the LUCU nursing cover. It’s double layers of cool fabric, can be used in multiple ways and fits great with my soft structured carrier. The two long layers can be folded up and over to provide coverage where needed, and unlike a traditional nursing cover it doesn’t look like an apron. It’s an attractive accessory even non-nursing Moms can enjoy!
     LUCU Wear Nest + Tank + SSC (soft structured carrier). This is a great going-out setup because I’m wearing the cover -and- baby in our Tula. My husband snapped these photos of our sample before I headed to a local fair. My 7 m/o rode around on my back and nursed comfortably, uncovered, and cool in above average temperatures for the North East. See how it fits below. In the first photo, you can see the LUCU Wear cover and my Tula around my waist. It also acts as a drool guard for my teething baby!


     The garment is very soft and has nice movement. This is the Deep Teal/Charcoal color combination, however the nursing cover comes in two other colors including: Deep Teal/Oatmeal & Charcoal/Oatmeal.  When you lay this out flat, it’s a giant rectangle with two generously sized arm openings and does not wrinkle easily. It comes with a drawstring bag and folds down very neatly to be stored in the diaper bag or purse. Other Features include:
  • Designed and MADE in California
  • Washable (Wash cold, lay flat or low heat dry)
  • Reversable
  • Can be worn with a baby carrier
  • One-Size
  • 15% Linen/85% Polyester
  • Generously sized arm openings
  • $10 coupon for joining e-mail list
  • Two soft and lightweight layers
  • Available in 3 color combinations
  • Can be used as a carseat cover/shade

     About the company. This garment is designed and made in California, USA! A collaboration between designer and pre-post natal nutrition counselor Sara Dasilva and Lauren, a Yoga teacher and certified pre-post natal yoga instructor, the LUCU Nest was designed to bring beauty and balance to breastfeeding fashion. I had the opportunity to meet Lauren in person! As the face of LUCU Wear at MommyCon, I can attest to her wonderful personality and good spirit. I believe this cover will help a lot of Moms NIP. How? Unlike a traditional cover designed to hide and cover baby and Mom like a small tent, this wardrobe piece allows Moms to nurse more comfortably with a bit of coverage right where you need it, whenever it’s needed! How can you find this company?

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