The Family Bed, Our Nest. Exeptional Sheets Hypoallergenic Down and Wool Blanket Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I received a product sample at a discount, this post contains affiliate links. Thanks 🙂

     The family bed. It’s a place where everyone gathers for love, support and relaxation. When I purchased our King bed, before our children, I never imagined that I would wake some mornings snuggled with three little boys. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life! The family bed, or our Nest as I like to call it, is very important to our family. This makes the bedding that we use a priority and I want the snuggliest, longest lasting, easiest washing and temperature appropriate items I can find. I am thrilled to add this beautiful Hypoallergenic down and wool blanket from Exceptional Sheets. It’s the highlight of our mornings and a joy to sleep under.

     This is outstanding! I am replacing a much bulkier down alternative comforter on our King bed with this. I was initially nervous about purchasing natural fillers. I have allergies and always bought alternative filled comforters because I thought I would be allergic to feathers. I love that this comforter doesn’t tickle my nose at all! In addition to being hypoallergenic, I love that it’s assembled in the USA. After learning that polyester is made from oil, we try to use natural fibers whenever possible and this is certainly a gem in our collection!
     The quality of this down and wool blanket is outstanding. Usually I purchase something and find spare threads, a skip here and there etc. I inspected this before wash and it’s perfect, the attention paid to detail is unbelievable. The outside of the blanket has two rows of straight stitch, and the very edge has this corded grey/natural border that is just a gorgeous detail. The rest of the blanket is quilted in a diamond pattern and there is a perfect amount of fill in each pocket. In addition, it’s generously sized and as you can see, has a nice hang over the sides of our King bed.

     When I look at this blanket in the light, it has a soft sheen. I believe that’s a reflection of the 300 thread count. It’s not a white-white, but rather has a natural color that is beautifully warm. In addition to being attractive, this washes and wears well. I used the bedding setting on my washer (warm wash) with all free and clear detergent without oxi-clean, followed by a low dry. It did have a slight scent when wet, but this went away after it dried in the dryer. The instructions said to use tennis balls for drying, but my wool dryer balls really did the trick.
     I look forward to a long life from this blanket and I would definitely recommend it to a friend or family member, and also as a gift. Overall the quality is great, it’s a perfect weight and keeps everyone toasty but not too warm and it gorgeous. 

     Eluxury is a US Veteran owned and operated company in Evansville, Indiana. Make sure to visit their website for a complete selection of products and give them a ‘like’ on Facebook for updates, deals and really nice photos!

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