Does TerraShield Repel Ticks?

Does TerraShield Repel Ticks?

I dislike all biting insects. However, ticks are some of the worst. Why? Ticks not only bite, but they burrow into the skin and can carry really bad diseases. (1) In addition, small tick nymphs are very hard to see, less than 2mm (size of a poppy seed), and can hide in places including your scalp, armpit and groin. (1)

I have pulled ticks from my son’s scalp in the past and want to do what I can to prevent ticks from climbing on them in the first place. However, I also don’t want to cover my children in toxins that can transfer from their skin into their bloodstream. I set out to find essential oils that may help, but are they effective?

does terrashield repel ticks

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I admit to being an essential oil sceptic. Oils, really? As I stared at the bottle of OFF Deep Woods, I considered my options. Is using DEET worth the risk? I hit the internet! After doing some research, I discovered that there are essential oils that have been proven effective for repelling biting insects. What insects does it repel exactly and how do you know you have quality oil?

The primary oil recommended is lemon eucalyptus. Not lemon and eycalyptus, the oil is from the lemon eucalyptus plant. I started searching. Now, there are some synthetic lemon eucalyptus products out there. The ingredient in some store-bought synthetic blends is PMD (2). Why would a company use a synthetic lemon eucalyptus? My guess is because it’s cheap and easy to manufacture.

There is some research that suggests a 30% concentration of lemon eucalyptus oil to the blend to be effective and the effectiveness of the real oil, not the synthetic, has been proven to last longer. (2) However, this research also suggests that it should not be used on children under the age of 3. Personally, if I have to pick between DEET and essential oils….I’m putting the oil on my family.

Using TerraShield With Babies and Small Children

When using doTerra Terrashield on my smaller children I simply apply the oil to things like the stroller, baby carrier, shoes and clothing instead of directly on the skin. To me, this is a compromise and great way to use a natural product that doesn’t contain DEET to help keep ticks off of my children.

Not only has lemon eucalyptus shown its effectiveness in studies, it’s also registered with the EPA. When an ingredient is registered with the EPA to include claims of effectiveness in repelling biting insects like ticks, it must prove the claims by providing technical information about the effectiveness. (3) That makes me feel good about the oil and it’s effectiveness aginst ticks and mosquitoes.

So, to answer the question: Does TerraShield Repel Ticks?

The answer? I haven’t run any studies but I’m using this with my family. It contains lemon eucalyptus and the reports are good from bug people. Plus, is very reasonably priced in both the concentrated bottle featured in these graphics I made and in a spray formula they sell already mixed and ready to spray. I personally carry the concentrate in my purse and any time we have a soccer game, play outside, go to the playground or in areas there may be ticks I apply a few drops to pulse points and especially to shoes and ankles where ticks may crawl onto my children.

However, doTerra isn’t the only brand to use lemon eucalyptus in natural bug repellent and capitalize on the benefits mentioned in the insect article linked above. Flip bottles over, read the back and make sure you’re getting a quality product with great ingredients for you and your family’s needs.

I am happy with TerraShield’s performance! I do also keep a pair of tick removers hanging by the kitchen sink and I’ve found this pair to be the best at removing ticks.

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*** A note about this article. Please note that I have taken and created these images on my own and this is an opinion based article…as is the website. I have been harassed relentlessly by a member of the compliance department from doTerra both about the content of this article and about my images. I have purchased my own product, taken photos and made the creative images here to help illustrate the title much like someone does when writing a book and practicing their right to express their opinions associated with free speech. As a result, I no longer support the brand and have contacted them twice today to express my desire to leave their wellness program immediately. A company is only as good as the people it has representing it right? And I have not had a good experience here…

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