Tekhni Thalia Review; 100% Mercerized Cotton Woven Wrap

Tekhni Thalia Review. Tekhni woven wraps make up a large portion of my stash. I’ve tried many from their collection, different lengths, styles and colorways. Read my thoughts on this Tekhni Thalia my husband bought for me!

When choosing a wrap, I often look for colors I enjoy wearing in tops. Because a woven wrap covers much of my torso, I like to think of wraps as an extension of my outfit. When I saw this pink from Tekhni I fell in love….but as a Mom to 3 boys I wondered if should I go for it?! Well…as you can see…we did! This Tekhni Thalia in the color Emma, size 7 is beautiful!
In addition to amazing color, rich in saturation and depth, Thalia feels thin to the touch and is made of 100% Mercerized cotton. It’s supportive, densely woven and although it does require ‘breaking in’ it’s moldable. As if eye-catching color and pattern weren’t enough, Thalia has grip and a bit of sheen that changes with movement and light. The floral pattern is stunning from every angle and there doesn’t seem to be a wrong way to place it! The width (like all Tekhni’s we’ve encountered) makes a great seat (below) and creates a very comfortable carry for both my baby and I. I would recommend this to the new Mom equally as I would to someone with a healthy sized baby like mine and believe that the weight of this wrap has appeal to a wide range of babywearers.

     What is Mercerized cotton? Mercinazation is a process in which the cotton thread is treated causing it to swell, increase in surface area and strength, increase aptitude to take dye, gain luster, increases softness and improves overall appearance. Modern day mercinization is commonly completed by giving the fibers a sodium hydroxide bath followed by an acid bath (according to Wikipedia). (1)
     I imagine that this process, in combination with a tight weave and pattern, contributes heavily to the support and beauty of this wrap! Requiring just a few minor adjustments after I have my baby up in a carry…I anticipate this need for adjustment/re-hoisting up will totally go away once this finishes breaking in. Pictured here is my very healthy, comfortable and happy 28lb 10 m/o!
When shopping for woven wraps you may wonder about a company’s origin, inspiration and owner. I am still amazed that Tekhni recently celebrated her One Year Anniversary! (I encourage you to read the full interview). Looking at the beautiful selection of wraps Tekhni offers, it would be easy to believe that the company has paved the road for others! This wrap wisdom comes directly from the company’s owner, Alysa Demarco, who is not only an artist, but also a Mom and experienced wrapper herself.
The pattern name Thalia is derived from the Greek Muse Thaleia who was known as the joyful one, also quite literally the blooming one. (2) The color shown here (Emma) is both rich and deep and the wrap has been offered in other colors including Alena, Flame, Frost and Midas. Last I checked I saw a few Frost in the Tekhni Etsy shop! After seeing this pattern…I think I need to plant this flower in my yard! Do you think Lowes carries it? Yes…spring time project!


     Thalia is another beauty in a long line of woven wraps from Tekhni. Although this wrap is 100% cotton, the company offers nature inspired wraps in multiple blends and patterns including Repreve, silk, and Tencel. I will warn you….if you look you may want them All!!  Read more about the company and two full reviews including lots of photos; Ceres with Repreve HERE and the amazing Meandros with Tussah Silk HERE.
     Straight out of the tote, this wrap measured 29.5″ wide and 215″ long, and after 2 washes it reduces to 27.75″ wide and 201.5 ” long..making me very happy I got a 7! I never thought of myself as a 7 person and usually stick to 6’s…but as my boys grow I really appreciate the length. Post wash density comes to 249.6 g/m2 making it a Medium weight wrap on the woven database scale. I wear both my good sized baby and my 2 year old who weighs in at 34 lbs comfortably in this wrap, but not at the same time.

Keep in mind that all new woven wraps shrink both in width and length after a wash, and the wrap will range approximately around that g/m2 throughout use. Make sure to follow a wrap’s specific instructions for the best results. Tekhni recommends ‘an initial wash in hot water with low spin…with subsequent washes on a gentle cycle with cool water using a natural detergent without optical brighteners. Post wash, Thalia should be tumble dried on low, followed with a warm steam iron’ although I usually set my iron to ‘cotton’ to release wrinkles from this beauty. (3)

As always thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed reviewing this wrap!!  I appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (when being chosen for reviews many companies care about numbers) and love to network on Google and LinkedIn.

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3.  http://www.tekhniwovens.com/#!product-care/c374


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