Tekhni Nymphai; The Leaky Boob and Tekhni Wovens Unite

Well known and loved breastfeeding blogger Jessica Martin-Weber of The Leaky Boob recently collaborated with Tekhni Woven Sling Studio to create the wrap exclusive Nymphai. How does such a collaboration start? As a Mom to 6 girls, Jessica’s been through her share of pregnancy struggles. Her main struggle was with severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or basicially throwing up to the point of dehydration and weight loss. Luckily, Jessica found some relief during her 6th pregnancy through a PICC line. While this device helped with her symptoms, it left a scar. This scar was the start of something beautiful and through collaborations and inspiration was born Nymphai (2)
PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) lines can be wonderful things. If someone has a difficult time having an IV started, collapsing veins, or simply doesn’t want to be poked multiple times…a PICC line is a semi-permanent form of an IV line that stays in place for up to one year. It provides easy access for fluids and medication. Think of it as a quick hook-up for fast and easy service that stays in as long as it’s needed and is removed when it’s job is over. While this device is a blessing, it does require placement by a medical professional. A PICC line is inserted through a surgical procedure, which places a long tube through the vein with an imaging device like a fluroscope, to make it’s journey towards the heart. While only the catheter tail and cap are visible from the outside, as you can see below it creates quite the path. (4)

(Image used with permission)

While Jessica’s PICC line helped easy her pregnancy struggles, allowing for fluids, medication and vitamins to be administered from 16-34 weeks gestation through her Right arm, it left a scar. This scar was both a reminder of the amazing way her body grew and birthed 6 babies, and of her of her physical struggle. In addition to these reminders, Jessica felt as thought the scary looked like an “angry face” and began dreaming of it’s transformation. (2)

“For it is from that spot that I found strength to stretch and grow.  Like a tree growing by a stream, I flourished and my baby did to. That scar reminded me not only of the suffering and struggles to grow all of my babies, but of the triumph and surviving spirit my family has.” (2)

Jessica imagined a tree, symbolizing her journey through motherhood, would grow from this scar. The tree would come to life through a tattoo. Jessica shared her dream with her friend and friend’s husband, tattoo artist Colin Kolker, who brought this unique and meaningful body art to reality. The tattoo starts near her elbow and grows up to her shoulder. The main body is a tree, full of swirls both within the trunk and branches, and at the very top the tree forms an umbrella. It reminds me of the way we, as Moms, spend many hours leaning over our children to care for them. Her girls are represented by the 6 birds seen in the design, flying both gracefully away and also inside the umbrella; It’s clear that she is the tree from which her family has grown and blossomed. (2)
It’s through Jessica’s story and the tattoo design that Tekhni Wovens, a well known woven baby wrap company that creates beautiful and often nature inspired patterns, created the woven wrap exclusive Nymphai. If you follow MommyCon, you know that both Jessica and Alisa (Tekhni Wovens Owner) are at the forefront of event promotion (I’m proud to be a MommyCon blogger!). Jessica had admired Alisa’s Tekhni wraps, and the two friends developed a plan to collaborate on a release based on Jessica’s tattoo. “I’m honored to work with her to develop something with great meaning and roots in the breastfeeding community” reports Alisa, and this was the start of Nymphai.

What’s Nymphai? When I searched images for Nymphai I found paintings and photographs of women, who appeared to be fairies, out in the woods. I had to google the definition, “Nymph “Greek & Roman Mythology Any of numerous minor deities represented as beautiful maidens inhabiting and sometimes personifying features of nature such as trees, waters, and mountains.” (3) A fitting name for this wrap! While we have seen glimpses of this exclusive on Jessica’s and Tekhni’s instagram and facebook pages, the wrap and ringslings have yet to be released for sale to the public. I am extremely excited to have a sample here and wanted to share some photos of the design. I turned this image black and white (it’s not originally, but the color is yet to be released), so forgive me if it’s not completely accurate…but you can see the amazing design, quality and beauty in this tattoo art turned woven wrap.


Nymphai symbolizes not only Jessica’s journey through motherhood, but the journey many Moms make. While pregnancy is a beautiful and magical time, it can also be a struggle; A challenge that we amazing women power through hoping to come out the other side much as the way the umbrella to this tree has bloomed. After the rain comes the flowers! The end of pregnancy, however your baby may enter this world, creates two entities. The Mother and the baby. Our bodies grow, nourish and create life. I’m proud to be nursing for 4.5 years straight and I feel as though this wrap is a perfect representation of my journey as well. While I don’t have 6 babies, my body too has struggled, delivered 3 (soon to be 4) beautiful babies (one surgically), and nourished them with my milk. Who wouldn’t want to wrap their family in this idea? I certainly do! (affiliate link below)

Tekhni Woven Wrap Shop

My family has just started to test out this beauty and will share updates, photos and wrapping qualities. Stay tuned. As always thanks for stopping by! I appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (when being chosen for reviews many companies care about numbers) and love to network on Google and LinkedIn.Want to work together? Contact MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com.

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Michelle Tamasa

I love The Leaky Boob too! The Tehkni looks so pretty!

Michelle Tamasa

I love The Leaky Boob too! The Tehkni looks so pretty!