Sweet Pea Cloth Diaper Comparison Newborn All in One, One Size Pocket and One Size Bamboo All in One

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive product samples to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own.

      I’ve been cloth diapering for over 3.5 years now. It feels like I just started yesterday! I’m still excited to try new brands and love fluff mail. Our newest fluff bum is 8 weeks old now and I actually look forward to changing his diaper. I’m happy to share Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers with you! Here’s a close-up look at the three styles from their comprehensive line and some peas in the snow. (On a side note, when using cooked peas in the snow allow them to cool first!) The brand is versatile and has great prints! At 16+ pounds, my pumpkin fits in each of these 3 waterproof PUL styles; The Sweet Pea Newborn All-in-one (AIO), the one-size (OS) pocket, and the OS Bamboo AIO. Find out how my sweet pea liked Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers!

     One brand increasing steadily in popularity among cloth diapering families is Sweet Pea Diapers. The company offers styles including these 3 very well rounded diapers. The photos here are of our Newborn AIO (Right in photo below), the OS Pocket (Left in photo below) and the OS Bamboo AIO (yellow diaper below). My 16+ lb baby fits in each diaper well and uses the NB in it’s largest size and the OS diapers in their smallest settings. While typically I’m not a huge AIO fan, I’m very happy to say that this is the only AIO we have that doesn’t need a booster! Yay! Check out what these features.

     First up is the newborn AIO. As you can see below this diaper has a velcro style closing and one row of rise of snaps to adjust height. In addition to the strip across the front used for closing the diaper, there are places to hold the scratchy part of the velcro for washing. This is a nice feature because the scratchy velcro tabs can snag other diapers in the wash if not secured.
     This NB diaper offers two options for absorbency. As you can see, it has sewn-in 3-layer absorbency as a long oval, and also has an insert for boosting. There is a pocket included in the sewn-in absorbency with an opening in both the front and back. While stuffing this diaper I found that I couldn’t pass my hand all the way through, luckily the front opening allowed me to grab the booster and pull it through. While this diaper offers synthetic absorbency aka microfiber, the pocket area can easily hold a Newborn prefold or other natural fiber insert. The size range on the NB OS AIO is 6-12 pounds but you can see it fits my 16lb baby nicely!
     I use both the Newborn AIO and the OS Pocket interchangeably. While the newborn is on it’s largest setting, the OS pocket is on it’s smallest and it’s still a bit roomy. While this diaper’s size range fits 8-35 lbs, I imagine it would have been too large when he was smaller. If you’re deciding between getting newborn diapers or OS, definitely get some newborn. The OS pocket offers two rows of rise snaps, 10 waist snaps and crossover snaps which are great for doing the poop roll when changing poop cloth diapers on the go.
     Like the NB AIO, the OS pocket has microfiber absorbency. Plus I LOVE antique keys, isn’t this key print great? It comes with two inserts that fit easily in the generous pocket opening in the back; One large insert that snaps down to concentrate absorbency in the front (where my boys need it) or simply to make it shorter for the smaller diaper setting and a booster. The smaller booster can be used alone or with the large insert for increased absorption. This diaper also offers pocket opening in the front and back to help with stuffing. These openings can also help the inserts to agitate out of the diaper while washing, but I like to unstuff them to be sure they get clean. The inner layer, made of polyester microfleece, sticks out of the back of the diaper for my NB. I noticed that this prevents the elastic from leaving marks on his back and I like to leave it exposed.

     The star of their lineup is the OS Bamboo AIO. The diaper here is in the color Butter and comes with lots of absorbency. It has both a sewn-in soaker and an optional snap-in booster. This is one of the only diapers that comes with enough absorbency for my well hydrated 6 week old. A bit roomier then the OS Pocket, the design allows for nice leg closure aka my NBs legs aren’t stuck open in a split in this diaper. As you can see, the absorbers are more narrow then in the OS pocket and soft and moldable. I love natural fibers and I definitely have a preference for them. I’ve found that over time they are both absorbent and resist developing issues our microfiber inserts have developed. Unlike microfiber, they can be worn right next to the skin and need to be prepped to reach maximum absorbency. While I washed the microfiber NB and OS diapers once, I washed and dried this diaper 5x with my regular laundry.
     The snap-in soaker has microfiber sandwiched between bamboo cotton, and the sewn-in soaker is made of bamboo cotton and topped with super soft bamboo velour. Both of the soakers remain softer then our cotton AIOs when line dried. I look forward to this diaper coming out of the wash and really love it. It has 10 waist snaps and two rows of rise snaps. While this diaper appears to be the same size as the OS pocket, as you can see on my pumpkin it’s a bit roomy in the tush. This diaper can easily make up an entire stash and I love using it!

     One of the strongest features of this line is absorbency. Even the newborn diaper offers more absorbency then many of our other newborn styles, and the optional pocket is great to customize for each baby’s needs. About the company; Nancy, the company’s owner began Sweet Pea Diapers really by accident in 2009. “I was looking to start an eco-friendly/reusable/sustainable product business.
A friend of mine suggested starting a cloth diaper service; which I wasn’t keen on but after researching, I found there was a need in Canada for stores to have affordable cloth diapers that budget-friendly families could afford. Most brands were based in the US and were expensive for retailers to bring over. Our first product was the One-Size Pocket Diaper and now the One-Size Cover has taken over along with the Bamboo AIO not far behind.”
     Sweet Pea Diapers boasts being the most competitively priced functional diapers on the market. The NB diaper is priced well at around $13, the pockets at $18 and the AIO at $22. The diaper tags say “ethically made in China” and I imagine this helps keep costs reasonable. To compare, our Smart Bottoms AIOs retail for around $28 and don’t come with a much needed booster that I purchased separately for $6, but are made in the USA. What does this mean? The Sweet Pea Diapers AIO cost is phenomenal for the quality. In addition to the diaper seen here, Sweet Pea Diapers offer NB covers, OS covers, Bamboo/Cotton Fitteds (which I bet are amazing) and Muslin swaddles.
     Visit the Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers website and find their ambassadors known as Sweet Pea Champions on social media. Make sure to give them a ‘like’ on facebook and Pin the Pin I made below! Nice right? I’m working on making pins. Love the diapers seen here? They’re carried at many awesome retailers including two of my affiliates and favorite places to shop! Nicki’s has free shipping on diapers, Amazon has free shipping with Prime or over $35 and Diaper Junction has free shipping at certain price points. Find them at:

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Lillian Turner
Lillian Turner
4 years ago

I am really liking the newborn AIO, might have to buy one to try for my newborn in December.

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