Surpahs Digital Kitchen Food Scale Review with Anti-fingerprint design and LED display 11lb Max

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review, this post contains affiliate links.
     Surpahs Touch Anti-Fingerprint 11Lb/5Kg Precision Digital Kitchen Food Scale w/ LED Display is a great way to weigh food and non-food items alike! If you don’t already own a kitchen scale, then you need to get one. I weigh everything from letters to determine how much postage they need, woven baby wraps to measure how dense they are, and of course…even food!! 
     The Digital Kitchen Food Scale from Surpahs comes with a stainless look surface and is anti-fingerprint. It has a LED display and will weigh from .1oz or 1g up to 11 lbs/5 Kg giving a very wide range of weighing options. It’s just over 1/2″ thick, making it sleek and lightweight. I easily found room in my cupboard for it. In addition to being sleek and lightweight, It measures in Grams, Pounds, Milliliters, and Fluid Ounces and…unlike anything else I’ve purchased came WITH batteries!! Yippee!!
     It turns on with a touch of the power symbol you see in the lower right, and turns off either after inactivity, or by holding this power button for approximately two seconds. It automatically goes back to zero after weighing and is ready for the next item, or to be stored until it’s needed again. 

     If you have ever held an envelope in your hand and wondered if one stamp is enough…you can weigh your package at home and find out! You can print shipping labels at home and schedule a pickup, determine if it just needs an extra stamp, and calculate the most reasonable price for shipping near and far…all by weighing with a food scale at home. Once I learned this trick I reduced my trips to the post office to next to zero. 

     Measuring how heavy ingredients are for a recipe is often a great way to make sure you’re using the correct amount. Ever have a recipe that requires you use so many ounces of something?  In the past I wondered how I would accomplish this…now I know! With many people focusing on their health and setting weight related goals, weighing food on a kitchen scale like the Surpahs Digial Kitchen Scale is always a great way to follow a dieticians plan to lose weight while still enjoying food. 
     Great for weighing dry baking ingredients, one might best find this is accomplished by swiping ingredients off the posterior of the scale as it may get caught around the display screen. Not a big deal for someone like me who rarely weighs flour, but if you’re an avid baker using a bowl and subtracting the bowl weight, or some additional cleaning will keep this flour free and looking more original. One product I keep handy is air-in-a-can for my keyboard, I haven’t tried it but imagine it would work well here too.  


     As always, Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to stop by the Surpahs website to see a full selection of products, you can also find them on my favorite marketplace, Amazon. Head over the the Surpahs Facebook page to watch for products and deals!
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