Something We Didn’t Expect

So this is what had been taking up most of my family’s time lately. This is the thigh bone in my just turned 2 year old son. Looking at this photo makes me feel a gazillion times worse about the whole situation, because most of the time I can pretty much pretend this isn’t there (aside from the abnormal way my son walks and his leg length difference). 
     We have been to specialists and told it could be everything from a cancerous bone tumor to a benign malformation (more then likely the benign malformation) Our last visit to the best Dr. we could find ( at CHOP) decided that surgery is needed. We have a few more weeks and appointments until that needs to happen. Hoping for this hideous terrible thing to be removed. Hoping that it’s benign and we’re hoping that he’ll be able to walk on his leg right away. Praying that everything will turn out fine, and he won’t remember this at all, and it’ll be something we tell him about when he gets older (although it has definitely shaved years off of my life and may be a good excuse to let my hair turn white).


      I’m thankful for many things. He doesn’t seem to be in pain. I’m so happy that he’s still breastfeeding and he has nursed right after waking up from tests ( you should see the look on people’s faces when I tell them that!) Our specialist’s assistant asked “so, how’s his diet, does he eat well.” I said, “yes, he eats very well and is brestfeeding” ….sound of pages flipping through chart, she looks back at us and says…”oh, and he’s two!”. LOL!!! Yep, only the best for my babies. I’m thankful for babywearing because I have been wearing him or our infant on all these trips. I may need some help identifying carries that won’t apply a lot of pressure to his leg while he recovers. I’m thankful for giant bags of coffee from Sam’s club because it has really been keeping us going. I’m thankful for our clothdiapers because he looks adorable and finding the perfect Dr. appointment diaper helps me feel like I’m doing something, or have any control over all of this.
     Through all of this he has really been brave (and I don’t like that word, but I can’t come up with another), shocked the phlebotomists who thought he would need to be held down for bloodwork (he watched his blood being drawn and actually looked happy and interested!) and brings joy to everyone he has met. Despite the fact that he’s normally more shy then his brothers, he seems to be enjoying the lollipops, presents and car trips. (Here he is below enjoying a bagel pre-trip in our Chimparoo).

     So this morning my goal is to get more calories into him (he’s 32 lbs, but another couldn’t hurt). I know from working in health care that he needs to be very nutritionally sound to go through surgery. It will help him recover and if he doesn’t eat well for a few days I won’t worry as much. I have made him Enfagrow chocolate strawberry pancakes. Our pediatrician gave us samples, and he won’t drink it (it tastes pretty terrible). I did call them and ask for some chocolate! I’m hoping to boost his iron level a bit (since it was a tad low), so I directly mixed the enfagrow into the pancake batter and am hoping he doesn’t notice! Bone surgery can result in blood loss and drop his iron level further, so I will be getting very creative with increasing his food based iron levels.

     So my short term goals are to remain calm, and positive. To have as much fun and hold him as much as possible before his surgery date (just in case). Hoping to find a carry or carrier for his post-surgical recovery, and cloth diapers he likes to wear for upcoming appointments. Packing our diaper bag with more matchbox cars, crayons (he has literally colored on every wall in our house), Yum Earth lollipops, chocolate chip organic clif bars and Happy Family blueberry beet banana pouches because I feel better when I’m prepared and stocked on snacks. Hoping that the next few weeks go by quickly and this will be a time we look back on and are thankful for. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll make sure to share when we know more.

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