SoftBums OMNI and SoftBums ECHO Comparison

SoftBums OMNI and SoftBums ECHO Comparison

One of the most common questions I’m asked about SoftBums is “What’s the difference between OMNI and ECHO.” I sought out to answer this question in photo. As a visual person, I try to provide a lot of photos and details. So, what are the differences between OMNI and ECHO? Read about these USA made Cloth Diapers in my SoftBums Review:

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

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 SoftBums OMNI verses ECHO

     SoftBums is a popular Made in the USA cloth diaper company. SoftBums offers two different cloth diapers: the OMNI and the ECHO. There are significant differences and similarities, like the super adjustable toggle that makes the leg elastic shorter and longer, that separate the two styles.

     Primarily, SoftBums diapers are made with aplix aka Velcro. While they do have some styles with waist snaps, the number of style options are highly in favor of the aplix. All of the SoftBums diapers adjust with the toggle and fit an amazing size range. As one of my favorite newborn cloth diapers, I’m shocked that the same diaper still fits my baby at 33lbs.

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

StylePocket or AI2AI2
Made in the USAYesYes
One-Size AdjustmentDrawstring elastic with toggleDrawstring elastic with toggle
FitAbout 1" wider through groinMore narrow fit through groin
InsertsPods or OtherPods or Other

SoftBums OMNI vs SoftBums ECHO Fit

     Overall,  I find the fit to be fairly similar. The shells are very trim and thin fitting. Any bulk comes from the inserts you use. As you can see on the only diaper model I have who doesn’t run away when I try to take photos, the ECHO is a bit more narrow through the crotch than the OMNI. Both systems can be used with the pods. In the ECHO you snap or lay the insert on the shell, for the OMNI you can stuff it in the pocket or use the snap-in-system.

     While the company reports that the shells can be reused, I often wash the shell after each use because the lining becomes damp and begins to develop an odor. This will depend on the number of layers you have, how much your baby pees and how often you change the diaper. See why cloth diapers leak and how to fix them.

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

softbums omni softbums echo softbums review

This blog post is full of Drama. Did you know that could be possible with a diaper review? I didn’t.

     For the first time ever, I am making an amendment to this blog post. Why? After spending many unpaid hours of my own time completing this SoftBums review, in order to answer a question I was asked by many readers  about the difference between styles, I was surprised to receive a lot of negative feedback from the company owner. The feedback is concerning my statement, above, about not being able to reuse the shell more than once with my baby.

     The owner strongly, strongly is a kind word, requested that I change the above statement and include information that “we don’t recommend to reuse shells right away, but to instead air out the shell and reuse later so you can rotate between 2-3 shells all day, unless they are poopy obviously.” She continued with “If you want the official company statement about reusing shells (in response and dislike with my phrase ‘while the company reports she shells can be reused’ seen above) please at least quote us correctly.” So there is your quote!

In my opinion, something that has been wet by pee should not be placed back on baby. In addition, I will not place something that has been peed on back on my baby, even if I air-dry the urine.

One of the main reasons I use cloth is because I can always have a fresh, clean and dry diaper on my baby. It’s as easy as washing a new load!

There is an entire #diaperneed campaign which aims to provide babies with fresh disposable diapers to avoid parents re-using peed-in diapers on their babies.

The solution?

     I did recommend that the owner look at producing a PUL only shell, like many companies have in their inventory, but this was met with disapproval. If you want a high-quality, economical system in which the shells can be reused over and over I highly recommend a PUL only shell such as a Thirsties duo wrap and prefolds. For around $12 you have an awesome USA made shell that can be wiped clean, dried quickly and a $2 super absorbent prefold. I started cloth diapering with a set of 2 covers and 12 prefolds and many cloth diaper charities provides covers like this and prefolds because of their practicality.

Where to buy SoftBums OMNI, ECHO and Pods 

Affiliate links below

Nicki’s Diapers (free shipping on diapers USA)

Kelly’s Closet (Free shipping after $25 USA)

Lagoon Baby (Canada)

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I have to admit, I’m even more confused because it looks like SoftBums is manufacturing two near identical diapers instead of two different products. The only really obvious difference is the lack of a pocket with the echo? Right? The shape is minimal change.

This doesn’t make any sense to me as a cloth diaper user… I bought an Omni to try, and glad I didn’t buy an Echo. I can’t imagine reusing a fleece lined shell. If I wanted to do that, I would just buy pockets.

Heather Johnson

Great comparison! I had no idea about the differences.

I never EVER reuse all-in-two shells that are lined with fleece. Even if I let the shell dry out, the diaper still stinks like pee. Even will PUL-lined all-in-twos, I am hesitant to reuse a shell. While I suppose some people DO reuse the shells, I would not.


I’m completely with you, I will ONLY reuse PUL shells if they are wiped clean and I’m low on diapers. Btw you blog is really cute!

Wendy G
Wendy G

Although I still don’t see a huge difference between these two styles, thank you for the pictures and effort to try and explain this often asked question.

My daughter uses AI2s most of the time and rarely – only when desperate – does she reuse the shell. The whole thing goes in the laundry bag and a totally clean AI2 is used.