Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer Reusable Cloth Training Pants

Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer cloth training pants are from a great line of smart bottoms products.Made in the USA these cloth training pants are constructed with quality materials include organic cotton. Just like the Smart Bottoms all in one cloth diaper, this trainer has a layer of waterproof PUL but pulls up and down just like underwear for gentle potty training. Super soft brand new, these trainers feel and look great with their many patterns and colors. See them below and shop my affiliates to find them in stock at great prices.


Potty training has been up and down for us. We reached a point where a cloth diaper was too much, but underwear weren’t enough. I’d rather have a washable trainer and not have to change toddler pants in the middle of a busy Target bathroom (I’ve done this)! The trainer provides just enough absorbency for leaks and gives my son confidence when we’re out shopping. No leaking through to his pants! He did accidentally fall asleep with this on a few times and while it didn’t hold a full-bladder accident 100%, it contained most of it.

When I pulled the trainer out of the package I was impressed with how soft they feel. I really like the design, the snap in booster provides more absorbency then some of the other trainers we’ve tested and they pull up and down like underwear. While these don’t have snaps on the side for removal, they do have cotton all the way around. This is great because they don’t stick to my son’s skin like the flip cloth trainer and are very easy to pull up and down. Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer Features include:

  • Available in 2T, 3T and 4-5T (we’re using the 4-5 on my 42 pound son)
  • 100% Organic Cotton inner
  • Outer 50% certified Organic Cotton and 50% Polyester
  • Includes 6 Layers of Organic Cotton Absorbency!
  • Pull up and down easily
  • Hidden wet-zone waterproof layer
  • Great for leaks, not 100% waterproof or for full-bladder accidents
  • Made in the USA
  • Require prepping before reaching Max absorbency
    • Washing 6-8 times which I completed with regular laundry loads






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Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer reusable cloth training pants comes with organic cotton and is made in the USA. In several sizes, these reusable training pants are washable and feel like a really nice pair of underwear. With several layers of absorbency these are great for leaks!

My experience. The Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer is a really beautiful trainer! It’s designed well, soft and my son absolutely loves them. In addition, it doesn’t have a “diaper” feel like some of the other trainers and just feels like a really nice pair of underwear. My wish, I wish the rise on these was higher! On my sons they look like a bikini. They don’t come up as high as the Bambino Mio trainers or Best Bottoms trainer, but I prefer the quality and design to the all others we’ve tried. I just wish the rise was about two inches higher! See a full line of products on the Smart Bottoms Website and make sure to Like Smart Bottoms on Facebook. Where to purchase these? My favorite, reliable and reputable affiliates:

Diaper Junction

Nicki’s Diapers

Kelly’s Closet


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