Smart Bottoms; Born Smart Newborn Diaper Review

Smart Bottoms born smart newborn diaper that fits most babies 6-16 pounds and comes in an assortment of solid colors and fantastic prints. The diaper is sold as an all in one (AIO), as you’ll see it has many features and options including a snap-in layer, umbilical cut out, large and small size settings, and pocket opening for boosters and faster cleaning and dry times. In addition to the born smart newborn diaper, we have the smart bottoms 3.1 all in one, smart bottoms dream diaper and smart bottoms lil trainer. See the born smart newborn diaper here and visit my affiliate links for purchase.

smart bottoms born smart newborn cloth diaper review

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     The smart bottoms born smart newborn cloth diaper has been used on two of my children. My 3rd son was a healthy 9.5 pounds and birth and my 4th 9.2. Cloth diapering a newborn was a new experience for me. I started cloth with my 2nd son when he was 8 months old and we have always used one-size pockets and covers/prefolds. Newborns babies offer new challenges including increased number of changes, breast milk poo, need for lots of absorbency in a little diaper and varying fit.
     I purchased one-size pocket diapers in anticipation of my newborn’s arrival that range from 8-35 pounds. I am still surprised and disappointed to find (I keep trying!) that they are huge on him! They’re so big that I can’t use them. I have all this perfectly good prepped cloth sitting here waiting…meanwhile I’m wasting disposables. I wish I would have bought a stash of newborn diapers and I made sure to have newborn cloth diapers for baby boy 4! See them in my newborn cloth diapers guide.
     The Born Smart Newborn diaper fits most babies from 6-16 pounds and fit my newborn right away! I know the company calls it an AIO, but it is much more versatile! The diaper offers a 3-layered organic cotton base sewn into the diaper and a snap-in 4 layer insert  (pictured below)! It has a single gusset and a one-row snap up feature in the front for small and large size settings. But that’s not all…..
     Underneath the sewn-in layer is a pocket opening. It’s perfect for adding a quick absorbing microfiber or natural fiber doubler such as hemp or bamboo to increase absorbency. As you can see, the sewn in layer can be lifted and placed over the waterproof layer for easy cleaning and faster drying.
     Once the insert is snapped in, both layers can be tucked under the diapers waterproof PUL to help contain blowouts. These layers can also act as an ultra absorbent base for your newborn prefold. The diaper closes with a single side snap (pictured below) that creates flaps allowing for the newborn’s legs to move freely. I think this is a perfect diaper, but my personal preference is to have 2 side-adjustment snaps (I would consider sending this out to get a 2nd) to get better closure on my newborn’s legs.
     Absorbency. This doesn’t have enough absorbency for my newborn. I use this diaper with a newborn prefold or booster. One of the challenges of cloth diapering a newborn is having enough layers of absorbency without the bulk. I really like the size and cut of this diaper and adding a newborn prefold doesn’t bulk it up too much.
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smart bottoms born smart newborn cloth diaper review. Cloth diapering a newborn baby is challenging because you need a lot of absorbency without bulk. Having a newborn cloth diaper stash is a must even with a 9+lb baby. I found that the one size diapers didn't fit my babies until they were much bigger even though they were over 9lbs.
     The front of the diaper offers adjustments in girth and length. Girth is adjusted with the single side snap and one top row of snaps. Length is adjusted with 2 rise snaps. When left open the rise snaps leave the diaper in it’s larger setting, but can be snapped up for a smaller fit.
     Here is the Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn Diaper on my newborn! This is an action shot – staying still for diaper changes is boring anyway! Unlike our one-size pockets (which cover the umbilical area, even when folded down) the umbilical cutout allows for unrestricted healing and air flow. The NB diaper is set to the larger setting, without the rise snaps snapped, and is stuffed with the snap-in insert and a microfiber booster in the pocket for increased absorbency.
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smart bottoms born smart newborn cloth diaper
(Baby number one above 9lbs, baby number two below 9.5lbs)
     If you’re shopping for newborn diapers the Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn Diaper is a great purchase if you are looking for AIOs. Newborn prefolds and covers are also a great way to cloth diaper a newborn. Depending on your budget, and how frequently you want to do laundry, a starter set can include any number of diapers. After your newborn has outgrown the NB diapers, they can always be saved for future babies, donated to family/friends, and if in good condition traded/sold to fund your next cloth purchase!




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