Sleep Well For Kids; Under the Sea by Jeff Gold Music Review

Disclosure; This is a sponsored post. I received a product  sample to facilitate my review (you can see it in the photos here), this post contains affiliate links.

     Bed time has always been a challenge for my toddlers. If my 4 or 2 year old nap during the day, they can be up very late and full of energy. I’ve tried reading books, laying down with them, singing songs, listening to ambient music on IRadio…you name it, we’ve tried! While I believe in gentle parenting, and while I haven’t practiced cry-it-out with my children, I can understand the desire to get your kids to bed earlier. I am thrilled to try Sleep Well for Kids; Under the Sea by Jeff Gold Music. This music uses real musical instruments (other sounds with keyboard), voice and music therapy principles to help little ones (and possibly big ones) fall asleep. Arranged and instrument performance by Jeff Gold in California, this music is enchanting. Hypnotherapist Janet Montgomery not only wrote the script, but she also provides the soothing voice, and she certainly has my toddlers listening!

     I didn’t expect our first night with this music to go as well as it did. My older toddlers were excited about the CD design and couldn’t wait to hear the music. The CD started and I could hear some instruments playing, and then a gentle voice walking through some toddler appropriate relaxation. It reminded me of a relaxation/yoga class I took before…and actually fell asleep in!You can hear a snippet of it below. Close your eyes and listen, it’s perfect for bed time and I’m thrilled to have this tool in my Mom belt.
     The first night we used this we had baths, got into jammies and brushes our teeth. My toddlers excitedly climbed into their beds and eagerly awaited the music. My 4 year old was asleep by the second track. My almost 3 year old was soon to follow. I quietly left the room and let the CD continue playing (40 min.). We have had several successful evenings and I look forward to a more relaxed and routine bedtime. Could it be this easy? Have we found our bedtime routine? I look forward to many nights with this music and hope your family enjoys it too.

     Make sure to follow Jeff Gold Music on Facebook and visit the website for the entire selection of music. You can find this CD and others on Amazon.
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