The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Spouse

What I consider Romantic has evolved over the past few years. When I was a teenager, maybe even in my 20’s, I would have thought that spending $100 on flowers was romantic. Now, I love gestures! I especially love something thoughtful and heartfelt!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to let your spouse know how much they’re loved. Sure, you can get the old stand by…flowers and chocolate, but how about something thoughtful. Something that is custom made, took time and was easy to order from the computer in a few minutes? Here are the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your spouse, brought to you by the internet and your local delivery man! Post is sponsored and contains affiliate links.

the most romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for your spouse

     Framed Wedding  Vows

     Did you have personalized wedding vows? Go off-script a bit? Have the words from your day framed and printed with real gold foil! You can pick the frame, size and personalize it completely to have a one of a kind reminder of your special day. Isn’t this romantic?!

Your Photo with Romantic Quote

     Have a beautiful photo from your wedding or maybe a shot from a vacation? Have it printed on acid-free paper with a romantic quote, yours or theirs, and place it on a wall in your home! Every time you and your partner pass by you can be reminded of how much you love each other. So romantic!

Heart-Shape Collage of Photos

     As a Mom, I am always taking photos…but I am rarely in photos. A beautiful gift would be photos from the birth of my your child/children and maybe even highlights like our summer vacation! This is something that will be cherished and can be shown off to guests, even passed down to future generations.

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The most romantic Valentine's Day gifts for your spouse. Give something thoughtful, unique and something that will last for years and years to come.

Hand-Written Notes of Love

     Fill a beautiful jar with hand-written things you love about your spouse! They can pull one out to have a pick-me-up and be reminded of your love for them! Add in a few “back rub from me” coupons for an extra special touch and hand’s on demonstration of your affection.

Drawing Turned into Artwork

     Maybe you have movie tickets and a note from your first date. Maybe it’s a child’s drawing. You can turn virtually anything into beautiful artwork that will last! Turn a crayon and construction paper drawing into a print made on acid-free paper. It can even be done with gold foil! What a thoughtful gift that will make your heart melt every time you see it!

Me Time

I love spending time with my family. However, sometimes I spend all of my time with my family. One of the best things my husband does for me is “me time” where he watches the kids and I spend a few hours taking care of things I don’t normally get to do…like a nice long bath and a huge nap!


romantic valentine's day gifts


What’s the most romantic gift you’ve received, or would like to receive?




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Ashley stone
Ashley stone

These are all great! I especially like having a photo printed with a romantic quote on it. I actually really like the quote that is on the picture you included. I’m definitely doing that for my husband this valentine’s days! We normally don’t so anything so I’m really excited to do this for him

Katelyn Saundes
Katelyn Saundes

I love the Idea of a heart-shaped collage of pictures. We almost never take pictures of ourselves so its a great way to look at all the times we have and help us realize we need to do it more!


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Charla Schrodel
Charla Schrodel

I love all these ideas. Im really into gold accent right now so I especially the gold foil quote frame idea.