Rock-a-Bums 2.0 Cloth Diaper Review

     This is our personal diaper, I have not been paid to say nice things about this company. I have taken and edited the photos here which are of the actual cloth diaper we own.

     Rock-a-Bums cloth diapers are designed for rockin babies (and parents) who enjoy eco-friendly lifestyle options. The 2.0 diaper offers a 5-in-1 system that allows the user to customize both fit and absorbency. This system comes with 2 reusable microfiber/bamboo-charcoal inserts, and 1 bamboo viscose biodegradable insert that can be combined to increase absorbency.
     The Rock-a-Bums 2.0 seen in this article is our very first white cloth diaper. The black snaps, great tags and black velour lining make this diaper really cool! (are we still saying cool?) This diaper makes me want to go out and get drumsticks and a microphone for my little fluff bums. In addition, It fits both my 3 month old, and 22 month old babies! How exciting is that?
     One thing you may not notice in the photos here – is how luxurious this cloth diaper lining feels. The black fabric reminds me of velour, and is thicker and softer then the stay-dry poly linings in many of our other cloth brands. It’s definitely a luxurious bum cover!

     Rock-a-Bums 2.0 are a one-size diaper, which means they grow with your baby and have a large range of sizes between their smallest to largest settings. The front snaps (pictured below) include rise snaps (3 rows) and waist snaps for a customized fit. Don’t like snaps? Rock-a-Bums diapers can be purchased with velcro that replaces the top 2 snap rows seen here.

     You may notice that the top 2 snap rows are offset. This allows for an angled-snap which leaves a bit more room around the leg and a tighter fit around the waist. This feature almost forms a triangle in the snap pattern seen below, and suggests a Y in the largest setting seen in the second photo below.

     In the largest setting (pictured below) the angle can be reversed and the diaper can offer more room around the waist and continues to allow for a good leg fit, and a little more belly room.

     Rock-a-Bums inserts are microfiber on one side, and bamboo/charcoal on the reverse. Each insert comes with a snap that can be placed on-top of the black velour lining, or directly into the pocket. The hybrid insert (above right) is biodegradable and stackable for increased absorbency.

     Heavy wetter? For extra absorbency, you can snap in both inserts (very exciting). One can be worn on-top of the lining, and the other stuffed into the pocket. Or, both inserts can go directly into the pocket. Doubling inserts will increase bulk, but may be a great option for car trips, overnight or very well hydrated babies. (One insert in pocket and one on top of liner below)

     Rock-a-bums also offer the option for disposable inserts. This hybrid insert can give parents the ability to reuse the shell, and toss the soiled diaper portion. It can be a liner, a doubler, or the sole insert in the pocket. The hybrid insert is pictured below as a liner on top of the velour, with a washable insert underneath inside the pocket to absorb overflow.



     Rock-a-bums traditionally offered red, black and white diaper choices. They recently released a whole line of prints! If you love the Rock-a-Bums system, and love prints…you’re in luck. With names like Blue Velvet, Punk Plaid and Zanadu these prints definitely keep with the Rocking theme. While finding a good guitar print may be a hard task with other brands, Rock-a-Bums has multiple diapers with the theme.

     When you first get your Rock-a-Bums cloth diapers you will need to prep them before first use. Washing the inserts any natural fiber absorbency and also fluffs them up a bit. A 1-2 time wash is even great for the synthetic inserts. When prepping inserts, I wash/dry them with my regular laundry and just keep cycling through until they’re done. I use wam water to get my covers clean, and often wash soiled inserts on hot. Rockabums recommends a 2 time wash, once on hot with 1/4 detergent and a second time with no detergent. Air dry on medium. I have a lot of diaper wash and just clean this with the rest of our stash. It has held up well, the thick luxurious velour lining still looks great and this comes with tons of absorbency.

     Make sure to visit their website for more product information and shopping and give them a “like” on facebook for updates. As always I welcome any questions you may have…and thanks for stopping by!


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