Purple Unicorn Diapers Review

purple unicorn diapers
WAHM Bam thank you….Work at Home Moms! It’s the WAHM Spotlight and this article features Purple Unicorn Clothing Store. This store sells adorable OS Hybrid Fitted cloth diapers, Maxaloones, Pocket diapers, Sundresses and customs hand-made by a Mama in the USA! Although many of us are working Moms, WAHMamas turn their homes into design, sale and crafting centers to make beautiful items for our little ones.
With a long history of sewing in her family, and four beautiful babies of her own, this Mama located in Pennsylvania can sew! This beautiful hybrid fitted (pictured below) joined our family and quickly became a favorite. Asthetics + Absorbency + Quality make these creations an amazing addition to any stash! Weather you’re buying your first or 100th diaper, you want to have these in your collection. You’ll want to visit and ‘favorite’ her hyena cart shop to see what she’s making next!


purple unicorn diapers

I first saw this Mama’s creations at our local Live Love Latch event with the La Leche League, a breastfeeding support and education group. She donated a beautiful OS hybrid fitted diaper to our raffle…and brought a table full of beautiful hand made items. I was busy running our LLL table and so disappointed that I didn’t get to do more then crane my neck to browse her table (or win the raffle diaper!)…I made sure to order this beauty online when I got home.
These hybrid fitteds are one size (OS) and feature a hidden layer of poly-fleece, a cotton velour lining (purple here), and a 5-layer petal style organic bamboo insert topped with cotton velour. If you’re a nursing Mama then you will adore the breastfeeding prints, if you’re looking for other patterns then you will be thrilled with her selection too! She has popular prints and can make pretty much anything you can imagine to fit your child’s style.

 (Biggest size; top. Smalles size; bottom)
purple unicorn diapers
          Purple Unicorn Hybrid Fitteds fit most babies 10-30+ lbs, but there is easily room for my 34lb son to grow into his. I would guess that these go up to 40 pounds without hesitation. Because the entire hybrid fitted is absorbent, this will need a cover to keep bed sheets and other surfaces dry. However like many cloth diapering parents, I often let my little one roam cover-less until the outer fabric becomes damp.
Popular fitted covers include polyurethane laminate and wool or fleece shorts. I often use my econobum covers for fitteds, but many brands will work. These are ideal for heavy wetters, long car rides, and overnight cloth diapering. Some Mamas have their entire stash made of up fitteds and I can understand why! Read more about fitted cloth diapers and diapering a heavy wetter. 
purple unicorn diapers


purple unicorn diapers
     If you’re already using pocket diapers, covers or AI2s with a PUL outer then you will really be taken back by how soft and stretchy these diapers feel.  The outside of this pattern is made with a polyester-spandex blend so it molds to my little ones and I anticipate this diaper having a long life.
So how are these diapers one size? They don’t have rise snaps?! There are two rows of snaps; The top row is designed to fold down to fit smaller babies (FDR) and larger babies or toddlers can leave the FDR up for a customized fit. The use of a fold down row means that the pattern isn’t interrupted and there are crossover snaps (seen below on the diaper arms) for small babies, and to make dirty-diaper rolls when on the go.
purple unicorn diapers

So what makes this diaper a hybrid fitted? These diapers have a poly-fleece hidden layer (standard fitteds don’t have this layer) between the outer and inner fabrics. While this doesn’t make the diaper waterproof like PUL does on a pocket diaper or cover, it does help keep the outer fabric dryer for longer. Poly-fleece fabric encourages some of the liquid to go back into the snap in petal soaker layers, but still allows liquid to pass to the outer layers and most importantly…air. This fabric helps keep air flowing around little bums and hybrid fitteds are my go to if I see some redness or hint of a rash starting, anything that can be cleared up with a little more air circulation.

purple unicorn diapers

purple unicorn diapers
  This amazing petal style soaker is secured by not one, but two snaps. If you belong to cloth chatter pages or have sewing talent too, then you know that this is an extra and often difficult step to master. It’s just one more way this WAHMama adds quality and care to her product. The snaps are even color coordinated, how great right?
   Inserts are made of an impressive 5 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece (HOFB) topped with a color coordinating layer of cotton velour. Inserts are secured by not one, but two snaps to help decrease shifting. This Mama has taken the time to become CPSIA compliant and even though she has pre-washed all fabrics, recommends washing before use. Hybrid fitteds (like all natural fiber diapers) require approximately 5-6 washes to reach maximum absorbency. Although you can machine dry, line drying may help extend the life of the diaper. Read complete care instructions in her Hyena Shop.
purple unicorn diapers
purple unicorn diapers
     Looking at these works of art you may be surprised to find that this Mama has Four beautiful babies of her own!! Sewing was passed down to her through family and she turned her sewing skills to cloth diapers after seeing a few mainstream examples…and knew she could create something fantastic. If you ask Purple Unicorn customers what their favorite aspects are of her store? They’ll tell you that amazing customer service, high quality items with great fit combined with a shop owner who will work with you to create customized pieces for your baby or toddler makes Purple Unicorn out of this world. One Mama even reports that she has 15 different WAHM brands and Purple Unicorn is one of her favorites!!!
     Please show this wonderful WAHMama some love and make sure to visit her on: Facebook,  InstagramHyena Cart  and chat in her BST/Chatter group on Facebook. You can always e-mail her at Purpleunicorndiapers@yahoo.com with any questions.
     As always thank you for stopping by! I always appreciate a ‘follow’ on any of my accounts. I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week!
purple unicorn diapers
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Shalene Matteson
4 years ago

These are seriously dang cute. I’m obsessed with hybrids! I would definitely rather support WAHM’s than a big box store. Thanks for the in depth review!

Paloma Hernandez
Paloma Hernandez
3 years ago

These diapers look amazing and so soft. They look so well made and ill definitely be checking these out. My unicorn diaper would be something similar to these. Absorbent, breathable, cute and soft with great ease of use.

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