Pumping Hands Free; Simple Wishes Signature Bra Review

  A great hands free pumping bra can make or break a pumping journey. I remember sitting late at night, hunched over, holding onto my breast shields. It was a terrible experience and I wish someone told me about a hands free pumping bra sooner! Once I got one pumping became easy. I pump more milk when I’m surfing the internet and even pump and do paperwork at work. If I need to, it even helps me pump and drive safely.   

     My first son and I went home after an induction, an emergency c-section and 5 days in the hospital. Breastfeeding was going great until he was ‘ordered’ formula by our pediatrician (we have a new pediatrician). I later learned that he was experiencing nipple confusion. For some babies changing their oral motor skills from the breast to a synthetic nipple can be confusing and frustrating. It often causes latching and unlatching with fussiness at the breast and did so for us. I was given instructions by the hospital lactation consultant over the telephone to “pump before every feeding to cause let down”….and wow, my son was nursing very very frequently so I was constantly pumping too. I was sore, cracked and bleeding and dreaded the pump. I sat holding the breast shields to myself late one night… leaning forward so the milk went into the bottle and not down my stomach thinking…wow, this is awful!
     It wasn’t until my 3rd son, and 3rd exclusively breastfed child that I purchased my first Simple Wishes hands free pumping bra. I first thought…there is no way this could work. It looked like a corset and had to be adjusted a few times to get a good fit. Little did I know that this would change pumping forever for me making it an effortless, enjoyable and great experience!! How did I live without this before? I now consider pumping a break! I can pump totally hands free and check e-mails, chat on facebook or shop online…all while pumping!! I even do my paperwork at work, eliminating the need for me to decrease my productivity for pumping sessions. You can see it below and shop my affiliates for great prices!
    So, I wanted to share my amazing find and break down how a pumping bra works for you. The simple wishes hands free bra comes in 6 easy to assemble parts. Once you have your bra set up, it can stay that way. If you lose or gain weight, or your bust changes size along with supply or after the first few weeks when engorgement is common….it’s totally adjustable and personalizable!!

     Each bra comes with 2 side panels, 2 straps, 1 optional strip with zippers to widen the front, and a back panel to adhere the side panels too. See the shiny part on the bra photographed here? It’s a not-so-scratchy velcro type material, that can be unhooked and reused as needed to adjust the size and fit of the bra. The signature bra comes in the black photographed here, and in the pink below. I have washed and used my pink bra over and over and it still works and looks great.
First, you want to determine the girth of your bra and adjust the adherent fabric appropriately. After tweaking your bra size the optional shoulder straps can be applied. Even though the bra can be worn as a bustier without the straps I use them continuously. I find that if I need to wear my bra at work to pump again quickly, the straps help hold it up and I’m not adjusting the bra while I work. Although the zipper (seen above) can go on the top or bottom, I find it easiest to have it at the bottom for zipping the bra on at work.
     How do the pump shields in place? This is pretty genius. There are two sets of panels that hold the breast shield in place (and they really hold it in place!); One horizontal, and one vertical with the horizontal to the outside. I find it easiest to 1st Put on the bra, which I previously set up at home. 2nd Place the pump shields through these slits and align the nipple in the breast shield (you can see it sticking out through the bra). 3rd I pull my shirt partially over the shield, and leave the bottles or bags hanging out so I can monitor how much I’ve pumped.
     This pumping shirt combo is exactly the same as the method I use for nursing in public. I’m wearing a tank and a loose fitting top shirt. I pull down the tank, hook up my pump to my Simple Wishes hands-free bra, and let the top shirt lay loosely over the breast shields for total discretion. **I do not recommend pumping and driving!!** However, I have pumped and driven with my car adapter to keep my supply up and discourage uncomfortable engorgement. I have taken it to get a coffee and stopped for full-service gas…and I’m pretty sure no one noticed!! But don’t try this ‘at home’ er-ah- your car while driving.
    (Pumping with Simple Wishes hands-free bra and bottles above, and with bags below)

When preparing my pumping supplies for work, I assemble my tubing and breast shields with either a bottle or bag and pack this setup in a reusable zippered bag. This not only saves time, but also limits handling the bottles and possibly contaminating them (I work in health care and am always exposed to illnesses). After I turn my pump on, I can use my hands to do paperwork, make phone calls, eat and check my ipad (if I’m breaking of course!). Because the Affordable Care Act (legislation that has made breast pumps accessible to Moms through insurance) mandates that employers give pumping time to employees (but not pay employees for it outside of regular breaks and a lunch), being able to work and pump can help Moms stay productive/on the clock at work, and pump the food my baby needs! Read more about Pumping and Returning to work here.

One item I found that has been great for pumping on the go are these Jaq Jaq reusable bags. The green, white and pink bags pictured below were $18 for 2 and are about the size of a large ziploc bag. In one bag I have a pumping setup ready to be placed in my hands free bra and plugged into the pump. In the other I have pumping snacks! These typically include 2 bananas, 1 protein bar, 1 apple and a yogurt…but vary based on what’s in my fridge. I haven’t purchased a plastic disposable bag since I got these and LOVE them.

     What could you do while pumping hands free? Or, if you’re returning to work, how could a hands free bra help you? Here’s a great video from Simple Wishes demonstrating the bra! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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