How to Properly Clean Your HE Front Loading Washing Machine

How to Properly Clean Your HE Front Loading Washing Machine

We had a green 1972 Maytag washing machine up until a few years ago. When it finally quit, and couldn’t be repaired, we knew it was time to move on. We headed to our local HH Gregg to purchase a high-performance, XL sized front loader.

In my mind, it was just as amazing as the machines at the laundromat. The salesman assured me that it could fit a King sized comforter and clean it with the highest performance. I was sold.

However, One of the largest challenges I’ve experienced when switching from a great top loading washing machine to our Samsung HE Front loader is mold and odor. We use special tablets the salesman gave us, I regularly wipe it clean, and follow all manufacturer’s instructions… but it still smells moldy and does a poor job cleaning the laundry my family creates. I’ve tried different detergents, a mix of settings and every trick I could find online.

What I discovered here will solve all of the washing machine problems regular care misses.

how to clean your HE ffront loading washing machine

Get the mouldy, low-performance Samsung HE front loader up onto a dolly. Use proper body mechanics, remember to lift with your legs, not with your back. Ask for assistance if necessary.

how to clean your HE ffront loading washing machine

Carefully, carry machine outside being sure not to dent door frames or moulding.

Slowly, place washing machine in the yard, far away from home, trees and tall grass. Keep clear of dry rubbish, old bushes and dead patches of lawn.

Next, Open the machine’s front door. Pour in copious amounts of gasoline. 87 is fine, don’t need to go for the premium here. Stand back. Far back. If necessary calculate the safe distance ahead of time and get yourself a fireman’s suit from Amazon. In fact, having the local department on standby wouldn’t hurt.

Already prepared, have a flaming bow and arrow ready. Aim precisely at the machine, practice is a plus here. Flaming arrows are not something you want to misplace. Shoot machine at center of drum, making sure to send the device into a flaming ball of fire.

how to clean your HE ffront loading washing machine

Rejoice in the fact that the POS is gone and you can finally purchase the Speed Queen everyone keeps telling you about. Tell hubby the fire started indoors and you removed the machine before tragedy struck. Attribute the smell of gasoline to the lawn mower or weed whacker.

Make sure the machine is extinguished before you retire. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

how to clean your HE ffront loading washing machine

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** Disclosure. This is a satryical post meant to give you a good laugh. Please do not actually light your machine on fire with gasoline. However, if you do, make sure to tag the brand on social media letting them know that they are missing out on the best way to clean these POS machines. Then, drop it off on the lawn of the salesperson who assured you that it was amazing and would clean your family’s laundry beyond all of your wildest washing machine dreams.

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