Pregnancy the 3rd Trimester

    I’m expecting our 4th baby. Every time I think I know what’s coming next, I’m slapped in the face by reality. One thought replays in my mind. “Pregnancy is not a beautiful thing!” All the photos used to depict pregnant Mamas, perfectly fit, with smooth skin looking like they had a wonderful night of sleep and a trip to the spa….lies, all lies! Show me a woman who gained 20 more pounds then she hoped to, who didn’t sleep all night because her pelvis feels like it’s falling apart and she had to pee 4 times…who accidentally laid down on her back to try and get her socks on and has suddenly realized that she can’t get up. That’s pregnancy. I keep imaging holding my newborn in the end, with renewed energy and heartburn relief and I focus on that. Just 11 more weeks to go…11 more weeks to go…

     While each day that passes means that my baby is getting bigger, stronger and more able to breathe and survive on his own (should he need to be delivered before 40 weeks), it also means that I’m growing, getting bigger and am losing sight of my lady areas. Other fun milestones include:

  • I can no longer sit with my legs closed. Yes, my belly has progressed to the point where in order to be comfortable I need to make room for my bump!
  • Sleepless nights; A combination of pregnancy related joint pain, the need to pee every 1.5 hours and the inability to find a comfortable position…means that sleep is elusive. If I could figure out a way, I would cut a hole in my mattress so I could sleep on my stomach!
  • To accompany sleepness nights, are days where I try so hard just to stay awake all day! Pregnancy fatigue is no joke.
  • Where is my cell phone??? Oh that’s right, Mama brain…. it’s in the refrigerator. 
  • Questions from strangers. Now that there is no doubt I’m obviously pregnant, questions from strangers come pouring in. “Do you know what you’re having?” Yes, a baby. “When are you due” from the man behind me in the supermarket…after having 3 babies, I know a “due date” is merely an inaccurate suggestion. “Sometime in December” I say. 
  • My nipples haven’t fallen off yet, but there’s still time! Nursing through pregnancy…ouch!! So very worth it, tandem nursing  my babies together will be amazing…if my nipples are left. 
  • Armpit breasts. As my body prepares to feed a newborn, I can’t help but notice that my breasts migrate under my armpits. They get wide. I’ve mentioned this to other expecting Moms and there appears to be a general armpit-breast consensus. 
  • Sweating. I have been sweating for noooooo reason for months now. I might as well switch to natural deodorant since the seriously toxic “clinical strength” stuff I use isn’t helping. 
  • My ribs have spread apart like the Red Sea and they are painful to touch,. I can feel my pelvis joints separating and my abdominal organs feel like they’re up to my throat 11 more weeks, 11 more weeks.
  •  This baby knows where my cervix is…because he keeps kicking or punching it! If I stop mid-aisle in my tracks in Target, and just stand there for awhile. It’s because this smart little man is showing me that he knows exactly how to find his way out into the world!

      In approximately 11 more weeks I’ll have this little baby in my arms! I’ll be into the 4th trimester, have some relief back to my body and despite the discomfort I have now I’ll miss the kicking and knowledge that I’m never alone. There is a little baby growing inside of me and I can’t wait to meet him! How is your pregnancy going (or did it go?).

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