What is a Preggonista?

Preggonista Review
     I attended an online twitter party and was thrilled to win a Preggonista gift box! Pregnant with our 3rd baby in 3 years I could use a fashion boost! After shopping in a popular Mom-to-be store, and several department stores, I thought style during pregnancy was a myth! Everything seemed to be designed after a circus tent in cut, and I found the colors and patterns to be very distasteful. So as you can imagine, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my Preggonista gift box! Isn’t it pretty? (I covered my address with the white card on the bottom.)
preggonista review

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     I asked myself, what is a Preggonista? I found the answer on Preggonista’s facebook page “Preggonista is a monthly Style Box for the woman who carries a child the way she carries everything else – with style”. How exciting! As you can see, even the packaging is stylish. It made me feel like I was receiving something very special and pampering!
preggonista review


     My gift box came with this amazing black maternity wrap dress, a generously cut preggonista t-shirt, a fashionable teething necklace, and lavender (real lavender not artificially scented) belly butter which I enjoyed for a whole week! All wrapped in pink tissue paper and a letter that starts out “Hello Beautiful!” Why send flowers to an expecting Mama when for the same price you can send this?

preggonista review
     So how do you get one? The Preggonista gift box can be sent as a gift, gifted from you to you (one of my favorites), or requested as a gift! You can find the preggonista box seen here on Amazon and a Preggonista working Mom box too.
preggonista reviewHow fantastic that you can order something to pamper the pregnant Mama that arrives at your door! The company boasts that each box comes with 2 wearable items and in addition, the accessories and beauty items are hand-picked with products designed specifically for pregnant women. Although the products you receive may vary from my gift box, as you can see the quality of the items is superb.
So let’s check out  my gift box! It came with this “Teething Bling” baby-safe teething necklace.  Let’s face it, baby is going to chew on your necklace if you wear one. I love that this product looks amazing, and is actually designed for teething babies. My son loves to chew on it and I’ve received many compliments!
preggonista reviewIt also came with Trillium Organics OGmama .5 oz belly butter!  If you’re like me, you love to butter up your stretching belly and have tried an array of products. After scooping this belly butter out of the jar I was surprised at how thick the product is, but as I began rubbing it on my belly…my body heat started melting it and I fell in love. The lavender scent is just right and it’s made with great organic ingredients.

preggonista reviewI was thrilled to pull this black maternity wrap dress out of my Preggonista gift box! The dress is from Seraphine Maternity and has to be the most comfortable thing I have worn through all 3 of my pregnancies! It’s actually more flowy on the bottom then it appears here, this was taken on a very windy/rainy/chilly day! I have it paired with maternity tights and my faux cashmere scarf! A dress is a great, fast, and comfortable way to look amazing!

preggonista review

Also included in the Preggonista gift box was this Preggonista t-shirt! I have been wearing it throughout my pregnancy and adjusting the size (like I do most of my pregnancy shirts) by tightening the back with a hair tie because it’s very large around the waist. It washes well and has been a great conversation starter!

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