Poe Wovens Hyacinth Chevron 100% Review and Poe Wovens Dicsount Coupon Link

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, this is a review from a tester wrap that I received for a few days and then passed onto someone else (I miss it!).

         I had the opportunity to host this Poe Wovens Hyacinth Chevron 100% cotton woven wrap in our household. I love testers for many reasons. First off, as you can see from the photos…I live rurally. In addition to having cows for neighbors…I don’t usually see other Moms who babywear. I get experience with wraps and carriers from practice in my living room (a big mirror helps!) and through trying new products and carries. Here’s my two cents about this Poe tester, and when you’re ready to shop  You can get 10% off of your Poe Wovens order with my referral link and automatic coupon/discount.
     I had to stare at the Hyacinth Chevron pattern for awhile. Look closely. I think that there are four colors. Hyacinth, green, natural and gold. In addition to the mesmerizing pattern, this wrap has a thick but soft feel to it. I thought this was a brand new wrap! Then I looked through the tester list. Either Poe has the most gentle testers available or this wrap is very well woven and durable (possibly both). If you’re shopping for your first or your 100th wrap, I think you’ll definitely want to take a look at Poe.

     Made in the USA in Vermont and owned by Nancy Sutherland, a USMC Veteran Mom to 5, Poe Wovens not only supports US workers, but also boasts providing a liveable wage and supporting the local economy. If you follow my blog then you know I LOVE USA Mom-run companies. Could you find a better way to shop? No, the answer is no. Moms, supporting Moms, making products for Moms right here in the USA = amazing. Okay, so let’s talk about these photos. The wrap photos I took, the photos of me I coached DH to take. He’s getting better and better!
     My favorite back carry is a double hammock. I though this wouldn’t be wide enough for my boys. However, once I wrapped him I knew it was definitely wide enough. The grip the pattern gives allows this to stay put, and my little man (who loves to keep his arms out) felt very secure and comfortable. You can see my 32 lb 14 m/o in the photo below seated very comfortably and happily in this tester. Grip is a wonderful quality in a wrap because it doesn’t allow the carry to slip out of place, but it also means that the second pass of your carry can get tricky…and you may break a sweat tying the knot. I had to flap the second pass a few times to get it up and over my little man, but as you can see…it’s securely in place and I would take “grippy” wrap over a slippery one any day. 

          Wrap recommendations. I always get asked “is this a good wrap for a beginner.” My answer is, if you love this wrap get it! I don’t believe one wrap is easier then another because each wrap presents it’s own challenges and quirks. If you love a wrap get it, learn to wrap with it, put the time in and it will be perfect for you. This is a heavier wrap, it may get hot in southern Florida, however (as you can see below) this is perfect for Pennsylvania weather. It’s April and we’re still expecting a few more snowfalls. It is very supportive. I would recommend this for a healthy baby or toddler…not that you can’t wrap a newborn with it too, it would definitely keep a smaller baby securely in place! The knot is bigger then thinner wraps I have, I solve the giant knot issue by candy caning and tucking it around and through (see below). This prevents it from sticking out far and also secures it from loosening.

     At approximately 25.5″ wide and worked out to 449 g/m2 (in a few spots it was 25.75, but this is a prototype).Other wrap details. Poe Wraps have what I call “hot lips” on both the middle markers (seen below in the roll) and on the larger and more detailed end tag (seen above). The tags say “Poesie Tissee” which I believe was the original company name. In addition to the hot lips, this wrap doesn’t have a drastic taper, which means that almost every inch can be used for a carry.
     The necklace you see my 1-year old testing the safety clasp on is a sample I have from BabyPinch Botique and it’s a Chew-Choos. Teething necklaces have saved my hair from many yanks and pulls. If my son does start tugging on my hair, I dangle the necklace and he’s distracted.

  I first learned about Poe Wovens when I saw some Mama Drama in a babywearing group. I still don’t understand what was wrong, but ultimately they were really throwing Poe under the bus. I got part way through the thread and saw that Poe’s owner stepped in and stood up for herself! Very professionally I might add. I thought that was awesome. I think every company will come under scrutiny from time to time and how someone handles the microscope placed on them is important. I made sure to go and follow the company on social media channels. I would recommend that you do to. I’ve watched wrap releases and the company/designs and media continue to evolve and I look forward to upcoming designs and releases!

     Already have you eye on a Poe? Make sure to use my link to get 10% off. If 40 people buy a wrap I think I might have enough for one for me…probably won’t happen, but hey, if I can save some Mamas 10% off a wonderful wrap…then I’m thrilled!! Follow Poe on Facebook and make sure to join the Poe Precinct to possibly get in on a tester route yourself, see BST wraps and general chatter.
      Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail MamaBananasAdventures(at)gmail(dot)com.

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