Pavo Form Review; Swallowtail Violet IBC Tempe 2014 Release; How to Get a Pavo Woven Wrap

This is my wrap and the photos and opinions here are my own, there are some links to the company however I have not been paid to say nice things about this beautiful woven wrap. The selfies are taken with my Ipad and aren’t as nice of quality as the wrap photos taken with my for-real camera. I took them at different times throughout the day so you can see the nuances in the color in various lighting.

     Pavo….if you’re a wrapping Mama then you know the name and may even be stalking a wrap release right now! If you’re just getting into wrapping then you’ll want to become familiar with this company…as I’m sure you’ll see them referred to in chat groups and from other wrapping parents.
      Owned and operated by two babywearing Mamas, many Pavo wraps are released and gone before many even knew they existed! Releases are either by surprise, or announcement on their facebook page and sell out so quickly only those with ‘fast fingers’ can score one. This wrap was a pre-order which is how this country girl with a slow internet connection got one! Some even ‘flip’ wraps, meaning they purchase them at retail only to turn around and sell at an increase to someone who really wanted one but was unable to score…and is willing to pay a higher price tag.
     The company is known for it’s design, patterns, quality and overall wrapping appeal. Pavo’s are the Tiffany’s of the wrap world, and those who love the company affectionately refer to themselves as Pavotees. Made in the USA and followed by a dedicated group of wrapees, Pavo wraps are highly sought after and cherished.

      Pavotextiles is a Mom run company by not one…but two well educated ladies; Jennifer Money and Erin Arnason. J Money (as she’s affectionately known) has a PhD in Renaissance and Early Modern English Literature and Erin has a BFA in Textiles and previously worked deigning textiles for clothing (1).These ladies make up a textile power team that sources…weaves…and finishes wraps in the USA!! The wraps are woven on reclaimed looms and under constant supervision from weaving professionals. Employees of Pavotextiles are paid a fair wage and their mills are among the few still going strong in the USA. (2) With a combination of 9 years babywearing experience, these ladies produce not one…but two lines from Pavotextiles; Pavo Guild and Pavo Form. 

     Pavo Guild, or Pavo the original, was flourishing through the production of highly sought after artisnal wraps. Company owners wanted to offer a line that was playful and fun, while continuing to offer their more structured line. Maybe a Guild wrap is one you’d wear for a special occasion, and a Form is one you’d take to the playground or beach….but I’m sure you’d see a Form at a Wedding and a Guild at the playground. Pavo Form is a branch from the mother company that offers playful undertones; “Form is a relaxed and playful Pavo” (1). 
     The wrap photographed here is a Pavo Form IBC Tempe release Swallowtail in Violet Sky, size 6. This wrap was offered as a pre-order along with Dusk and sold directly at the conference as a company exclusive. Conference extras were released on their website and gone in a flash! 
     This wrap was soft right out of the box, is supportive for both my infant and toddler and if you’ve heard the phrase ‘strand by strand’…this wrap defines that! It’s very customizable to your carry and it seems as though every square inch is adjustable.

(FYI I do not recommend getting sand on/in your wrap, just like crystals from powdered detergent can wear fibers I imagine some sand can too…so can sand and I was extra careful!!) 

          So how do you get one? There are some wraps for sale on the Pavo Form website. However, most Form and Guild wrap launches begin with an announcement on their facebook page. Often a time is even provided. The Guild FB page is Pavo Textiles and the Form FB page is Pavo Form. If you find a wrap that you love, and (like me) don’t have fast fingers, your best chances of purchasing one may be to join The Pavo Society and purchase a wrap off of a lovely babywearing Mama who isn’t in love, wants to churn, or simply bought too many. However you should know…company owners have emphasized that return policies don’t apply if a wrap has changed hands, has been longer then 14 days or has been washed and or worn. 
     Pavotextiles also runs a FB group, Pavo Customer Appreciation, for customers to get service and ask questions. Pavo does ask that you preface questions with your order number, but there is general product chatter on there as well. It’s common to see Mamas thanking Pavo owners for making wraps…as they are that in love with the products Pavo produces.
 Great for Front and Back carries aline! FWCC (left) and Double Hammock (Right)

      The wrap arrived floppy straight out of the package and at 185″even has some bounce. After following the wash instructions to cold wash without a spin, followed by a low dry cycle (I had no idea my washer had a ‘no spin’ option until now!) and ironing it shrunk to 169.5″ and works out to be 303 g/m2 making it a thick/verythick wrap according to the woven wrap database guide. However…with it’s moldability and out of the box floppiness I would never characterize this wrap as ‘diggy’!
      It’s a nice width at 27.5″ and looks beautiful and sometimes nearly shiny in different light. Swallowtail consists of a ecru warp with a dark violet mercerized cotton fill, and is 100% cotton, approximately 260 g/m2 (3) according to the company, however individual wraps may vary. This wrap was also offered in Dusk, and you may see it pictured in nearly black/white as well although the cotton doesn’t have the mercinazation that violet does.

     After receiving this wrap in the mail I could have kicked myself for not pre-ordering Dusk too. This wrap would have been a perfect for a transition from a stretchy to a woven. Although it is 100% cotton, it’s feels as though it can be stretched in every direction from the weave and I find myself making adjustments as I’m wearing it. I’ll keep you up to date as it continues to break in. The hem is a bit puffy and it generally feels more loosely woven then some of my other wraps. There are many youtube videos out there about fixing pulls in Pavo wraps that may occur from normal use, although (knock on wood) I haven’t experienced any yet.
      How does this compare to other wraps? Not as dually dense and fluffy as my Tekhni with repreve and not as dense and tight as my 100% cotton Oscha, this wrap surprises me with it’s softness every time I pick it up. I hope to add another to my stash in the future and if you’re wondering if you should try a Pavo…I believe everyone should try one if not only to see what the chatter and desire is about!! Unicornio is a very pupular pattern inspired by Otomi, or an indigenous ethnic group local the Mexican Plateau, depicts small whimsical animals and is offered in many colorways. (8)
     As always, thank you for stopping by! I always appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. (Companies care about these numbers when deciding who to select to review products etc.
     Please make sure to visit Pavo on Twitter, Instagram, Pavo Form and Pavo Textiles/Guild on Facebook for upcoming wrap releases and information!

I may have over done it with the photos….I have quite a few more!!

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