Pacific Baby Stainless Steel Bottle

I dislike plastic. As a Mom, I long to avoid plastic completely. Even the “safer” versions that supposedly contain less toxins and cancer causing agents. I especially don’t want plastic in my children’s dinnerware including cups and plates. My goal is to replace all of our plastic toddler cups with stainless steel versions that avoid the use of plastic. I am thrilled to test out these Pacific Baby stainless steel bottles with 3-in-1 features.

Pacific Baby make thermal stainless steel bottle packages that are 3-in-1 with a range of accessories. They can be used as stainless steel baby bottles, sippy cup, spouted cup and even a reusable straw. In addition, they’re reusable, easy to care for and fun to use. They keep liquids hot or cold for hours and can be cleaned in the dish washer. Take a look at our review sample and read our thoughts below! Post contains affiliate links.

     Pacific Baby sells reusable products for babies, toddlers and kids. The 3-in-1 bottle sample we’ve been testing is lightweight and good quality. It’s been dropped on the floor a few times and has continued to remain dent free! The kit comes with the bottle, stainless lid to cover the drink surface and synthetic nipple. It’s BPA free, practical and able to keep liquid warm or cool for hours.

Features include:

  • Keeps liquid hot or cold up to 10 hours
  • Available in 4 oz or 7 oz
  • Suited for birth to 5 years old.
  • Vacuum insulated 304 stainless steel
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalates Free
  • Recyclable, should it ever need to be recycled
  • Wide neck offers greater visibility for pouring in liquid
  • Measurements inside bottle
  • Nipples come in three speeds and are shaped similar to mother’s breast
  • Option to add handles and spout for sip cup – or drink top for older kids
    • Purchased separately
  • Steamer and dishwasher safe – top rack
  • Compatible with most wide neck nipples
  • Complies with multiple US and European safety regulations
  • 1-year warranty
  • Attractive and easy to hold

     In addition to the reusable stainless steel bottle, Pacific Baby makes a wide range of bamboo plates and dinnerware for little ones. They are completely plastic-free and made from bamboo. In addition, they’re biodegradable. We have two apple plates (seen below) and my boys fight over who gets to use them! I’ve been sending it through the automatic dish washer and I’m very pleased to say that it looks the same as it did brand new. It’s been dropped, taken the falls very well and is durable. It’s fun to eat from and look at. In addition, it inspires creative lunches as one side is great for half a sandwich and the other side for blueberries, peas or any other snack that would otherwise roll away!

     Overall. I love the stainless bottle, however as a breastfeeding Mom with a baby who refuses to take a bottle…the nipples haven’t been useful for us and have gone unused. We were also provided with a drink top to convert the bottle to a cup. However, my baby is unable to drink from the drink top or the nipple. As a result, he’s still using plastic sippy cups that I’m desperate to get rid of! We tried the drink-top. However, the drink-top has a plastic tag emerging from the side that doesn’t allow for complete lip closure around that area and I think the sippy lids would have been ideal.

     Who is using this cup? This is most used by my 4-year old who can drink from the drink top and loves the design. He also adores the plate! My wishes for this product? If you’re purchasing this and don’t need the nipple, it feels wasteful to toss it right away. I hope that in the future this is sold as a sippy cup with the baby handle set nipple-free for families like mine. If you’re purchasing this for an older baby, make sure to order the additional top(s). Options include a straw top, sippy top or the drink top seen above. Where can you find these? At the Pacific Baby shop on Amazon and directly on the Pacific Baby Website!

Problems and Deficits

     After just a handful of uses, the decorative decals from our product samples wore off, looked a bit smeared and were not durable. I did contact the company to let them know that the bottles were defective. They did promise replacements but I did not receive those.

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