Nourish by BeliBea Nursing Bra Review

Disclosure;  I received a product sample to facilitate my review, however the opinions here are my own.This is not a paid advertisement.

     As a nursing and pumping Mom, I’ve tried many bras. I was excited to have the opportunity to test out this new Nourish BeiBea nursing/pumping bra and wasn’t sure what to expect. How can a bra do both nursing and pumping? There are several features:

1. Two bra layers

  • Top layer with optional padded insert
  • Bottom layer with nipple/flange hole for pumping

2. Two Clasps for “snap down” of the 2 bra layers
3. Three hooks in the back for securing torso band
4. Adjustable shoulder straps
5. Stretchy fabric
6. Optional/removable padded cups
7. Tagless 

     The bra seen here is a Medium. I thought I needed a small but opted for a Medium and am glad I went bigger. While the torso band is on the smallest setting for me and could even be tighter (I wear a 36D), the cup portion has a smaller fit and less coverage then my other nursing bras. This would be helpful with a lower cut shirt that would expose a full coverage nursing bra and it’s attractive on.
     The bra straps are adjustable, and as you can see they adjust in the rear of the bra. I personally prefer if they adjust in the front, but most seem to adjust this way. This bra can be used for nursing, pumping or nursing on one side and pumping on the other. Nursing/pumping is a great way to save up Milk when baby doesn’t go long between feedings and it’s hard to find pumping time.

     Overall I’m not thrilled with this bra. I think it’s best uses would be for pumping and nursing at the same time, but don’t personally feel as secure using it for pumping as I do with my Simple Wishes bra. Yes the Simple Wishes bra is less attractive, and totally makes my chest flat under a shirt…but wow, that pumping corset holds flanges in place! After pumping up to two ounces in this bra, my flanges start to turn down and I feel as thought I have to hold them in place anyway (defeating the purpose of the bra).
     I find myself wishing this didn’t have the pump layer with the hole, because it would make a really nice regular nursing bra (I actually cut this layer out several months after this review). The padding is great for avoiding high beaming and overall it’s really comfortable. I mix up the two clasps almost every time I close the bra and think I’m a 1-clasp kind of Mama. The pumping hole in the second layer isn’t big enough to put my nipple through to avoid opening both layers to nurse, but hey maybe yours are!
     Just because this isn’t for me doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Check out the pictures, find the Nourish BeliBea Nursing bra on their website and make sure to visit them on facebook for updates.
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