Nicki’s Diapers One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

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     I recently had the opportunity to add a Nicki’s Diapers one size pocket to our collection in Cherry Cola Houndstooth.  If you’re a fan of pocket diapers or are shopping for your first stash, then you’ll appreciate the design, quality of the insert, pattern, and great price. Here are some photos and features of both the diaper and the company.

     In addition to a great pricepoint and lots of features, Nicki’s Diapers has a Buy 1 Give 1 program. This program gives a diaper to a child in need for every diaper purchased (so turn around and pat yourself on the back if you bought them!). How are these donated? “Nicki has a not-for-profit organization called Hope Love Care. Through Hope Love Care, basic baby necessity items, such as diapers, blankets and baby bottles, are donated to babies in need domestically and overseas. For every diaper or blanket purchased, Nicki’s Diapers donates one to a baby in need.” 

     Aside from contributing to this amazing charity, Nicki’s Diapers pockets retail at a great price. Typically at $13.95 but currently on sale, these diapers are easy to add to your stash.  These pockets offer a waterproof PUL outer and are lined with no-pill fleece. In addition, they are a One-Size (OS) diaper and are adjusted with front snap rows for both rise and diameter.
     One feature you may appreciate are the crossover snaps on the diaper arms. To get the smallest fit, rise snaps are snapped up from the bottom row and cross over snaps are used to cinch the waist. Having crossover snaps also allows the diaper to be folded down and closed for babies who don’t quite fit into the smallest setting, but will grow into it. Crossovers are also nice for doing the “poop roll” and managing dirty diapers on the go.
      Front snaps are the hallmark of many OS diapers. If you’ll notice below, Nicki’s Diapers pockets offer 2 rows of rise snaps (females) that hook to the very top row of  (male) rise snaps. The top 2 rows are for waist snaps and adjust to fit most 8-35lb babies. One of my favorite ways to adjust a OS diaper is to snap the middle snap higher then the side 2 snaps to reduce crotch bulk and make a trimmer fit.

     Nicki’s Diapers pockets have an opening in the front and the back. This can help the insert agitate out in the wash (if you leave them in) and is also great for stuffing. Having an opening at the front of the diaper allows you to reach in and hold the insert in place. This helps prevent it from slipping down while adjusting the rest of the diaper for fit.
     The diaper is lined with no-pill fleece which is finished with a hem at the pocket openings. Having a colored liner is desirable because unlike white stay dry fabrics, this will never need to be ‘sunned’ to remove visible stains; While I sun my white lined diapers, I line dry the darker fabrics indoors or in the shade under our deck to prevent fading.
      One of my favorite features of Nicki’s Diapers pockets is this fantastic insert! It’s 4 wonderful microfiber layers and if you look below, you’ll notice that there is one male snap and two females (thanks Dad for the terminology). This allows the insert to be snapped into two different sizes to coordinate with the diaper’s smaller settings. It also creates more absorbency where the insert is folded over and is great for babies with good output. Very similar to a BG insert, but thicker and softer to the touch after many washes. Our diaper is over a year old now and still performing well and in great condition.
     This is an all around great diaper and will be very easy to add to your existing stash or to start a new collection. In addition, the diapers come in great solids and prints. The print featured here is Cherry Cola Houndstooth which is new to their selection, however many of their staple colors and prints can be seen below in this snip from the Nicki’s Diapers website.

     So now you’re wondering, with such a great price…is this a rebranded diaper? A “China Cheapie?” If you don’t know what a rebrand is…it’s basicially when a company takes an often foreign made low cost diaper and places their name tag on it. Nicki’s Diapers are NOT rebranded. Like many cloth diapers, they are made in China, but exclusively for Nicki’s Diapers. This allows them to keep costs down and participate in the Buy 1 Give 1 program.

     Want to see Nick’s Diapers in person? Watch this video to get a nearly in-person view of their product line! The clip is made by Nicki’s Diapers and shows a great demo of their pockets. Check out the large variety of colors and patterns on their website as well.

     As always – thanks for stopping by and I’m happy to answer any questions you have! I also appreciate comments and hope you have a great day!


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