Mother's Day Gifts That Say I Love You and Stone and Strand Coupon Code

     Mother’s Day. It starts weeks ahead of time. I know the question is coming any day now, or maybe I’ll need to drop a few hints. However, I need to be prepared with an answer. “What Mother’s Day Gifts do you want?” I say, something that says “I Love You.” I always want the same things. A nap, time to myself and possibly even breakfast made for me. As the family chef, eating something not cooked by me, for me, is a treat. However, while I dream of a nice long mid-afternoon nap, I am always gifted a physical item too. While I have received some odd items over the years, including an Amazon firestick last Mother’s Day…I prefer gifts that make me think of my family, feel pretty and remind me of how much I’m loved. Something unique, memorable and definitely something I’d love to show off a bit. Dear hubby, here are some really beautiful, unique and definitely not that TV-commercial necklace everyone else will have items from a mesmerizing collection! These rare finds are from a real gem of a company; Stone and Strand. In addition, I have Stone and Strand affiliate links and Coupon Code MAMABANANA15 for 15% off for this sponsored post.

     I’ve been thinking about the past few Mother’s Days. Hubby said “Do you want an Iphone?” I said “no” a few times. I was the person happy with my no frills not-smart cell phone. He asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I told him a nap. Guess what I got. An Iphone. This year…I’ve been far more specific. There is a gift coming and I want to make sure I don’t get another cell phone! While I have taken to the phone, and love recording movies to send, I would specifically love some earrings.
     A few weeks ago I was shopping. I remembered seeing a TV commercial for an actress-designed necklace for a big jewelry store. I passed a woman in the supermarket wearing said necklace and thought…oh, there’s that $99 necklace from such and such. I thought, I want something more unique. I was thrilled to find Stone and Strand. They have items for $35 and one I found for over $20,000! Literally something for everyone. Unique, beautiful and even estate style and vintage. Here are my Mother’s Day Picks that I think quite literally say “I Love You.”

My Unicorn Charm (Literally find your Unicorn)

     I highly encourage visiting the Stone and Strand website! The pictures are beautiful to view and some are quite mesmerizing. They have a great Mother’s Day section and include items for every price range. In addition, they have this great Chic Finds under $250 category with some really beautiful items. Each piece looks just as unique as the next and intricately designed. Definitely not the TV commercial necklace everyone will recognize. These items are true conversation starters, items to cherish and enjoy wearing!
     About the company. Stone and Strand is a NY based business located in Manhattan. Their mission is to provide a rich, cultural experience for clients by featuring designer created pieces for their company. They include the stories behind each designer created piece and it’s jewels to produce a collection that’s extremely eye pleasing and luxurious. Looking through their website, I feel like some of these items could be in a museum and each is really special. I ordered a gorgeous cherry blossom ring that was featured in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! While my underwear won’t be nearly as fancy, I will feel beautify wearing it and admire the piece on my finger…in-between diaper changes and boogie wipes. Please “Like” them on facebook and head over to peruse their photos and collection. Remember to use
the code “MAMABANANA15” to get a discount on some already fantastically priced items!

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