MoonMaker Cloth Diaper Review

As a cloth diapering Mom to 4 boys some days I think I’ve seen it all! That was until I found MoonMaker Cloth diapers on Instagram. At first I thought…”is that a baby thong?!” because I saw the diaper from the side. Then I realized that it’s a pretty ingenuous way to air out a baby’s bottom to help heal diaper rash while still absorbing pee. The airy diapers currently come in two sizes with 6 different patterns and are American made. Diapers are composed of 100% cotton and are machine washable.
Last summer we had a really rough vacation. We took our boys to Disney and discovered (the hard way) that it wasn’t for us. The boys were hot, crying and stuck in the stroller unable to get out and roam around in the big crowds. In addition to this rough trip, my younger son developed a bright red nasty looking diaper rash. I didn’t know if it was from the heat (it didn’t look like heat rash), from a virus, fungus or bacteria he picked up (even though I am very careful), something he ate, etc. While the origin of a diaper rash can be a HUGE mystery, one thing is pretty universal…airing out the bottom is a great way to heal baby’s bottom.
Our pediatrician recommended that he go diaperless until the rash improved…and while I was happy to help the rash any way possible, I also knew this meant he would be peeing all over. Luckily we don’t have carpet and I was able to keep him on a blanket…but what if baby can crawl, walk or you have carpeting? Plus, he still got pee on himself…Yes, you’ll want to check this product out. Here are some photos I made of our samples. Post contains affiliate links.

moonmaker cloth diapers
moonmaker cloth diapers
 (Small Yellow on top VS Large Orange on bottom seen below)
         The MoonMaker diapers are lined with flannel, and the elastic makes up this back strip of waistband, and the two leg holes. While these diapers are recommended for Small (9-18m) and Large (18-24m) babies I have easily fit both the small and the large on my 12 m/o 29 lb and my 30 m/o 34 lb babies. The diaper is very easy to put on and can be used as a pull-up, or put on regular diaper style by undoing the fine aplix/velcro tabs. There diaper is held together by two large rough aplix patches on the sides of the diaper (seen below). Softer velcro hooks to this rectangle both on the waist band, and the fold-down flap in the front.



   How do MoonMakers air out the bottom without getting pee everywhere? The diaper covers from the front to right where the bottom starts on baby. So for my boys the pee lands towards the top of the pad, and for girls I imagine it would land more center or to the back. The diaper stays in place on my boys even while they’re active, and the insert has an adherent strip on the bottom that holds it in place. (Image of babies used with permission from the MoonMaker website)
Are MoonMaker cloth diapers washable?
Cleaning the diapers is easy too, the instructions include Fastening Velcro, Machine Wash Warm, and Wash with like colors. Non-chlorine bleach is recommended when needed, and a tumble dry on low. Easy right?! Composed 100% of cotton some aplix and elastic (but no PUL) these diapers are easy to care for and clean.

What about the insert?

    Currently MoonMakers has a disposable insert, that if it didn’t come in the package it’s in I would have thought was a Maxi pad. They are individually wrapped to keep them sanitary and free from dirt and germs that don’t belong near a baby’s healing tush. The disposable inserts are very easy to change, and can help keep baby germ-free if you are dealing with a bacterial, fungal or viral rash that can spread with contact. If you’re like me and like reusable inserts too, MoonMaker is in the process of developing one!! I tried several of the ones we own, and while most were too big including our small prefolds, my favorite was a bamboo booster from GMD that could be folded to fit in well.



     When I opened up this package, I thought that these would be GREAT for potty training! My 2 year old does a really great job with the potty if he’s nude however will occasionally pee on the floor…so I go back and forth with a diaper. As soon as he has a diaper on he will use it…leaving me with the nude option, or changing diapers. I believe in gentle potty training so I know this is a long and encouraging road, why not toss in a training aide right?!
     We have been successfully trialing these diapers out for potty training. Having a bare-behind gives him the sensation of being nude…and I clean up less puddles in the living room. When he first tried it out he kept turning around to look at his bottom, it was clear he felt a breeze. It took a few times to get him used to the style and fit and I have to say that it brings a smile to my face to see him running around in this MoonMaker diaper!!



     Please visit the MoonMaker website to see the full line as well as their Facebook page for updates. You can purchase these right on Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping. As always, thank you for stopping by!
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