MommyCon Philadelphia

MommyCon Philadelphia

I am so glad that MommyCon Philadelphia is coming back around for 2018! I attended MommyCon Philly in 2014 and was disappointed when it didn’t return to the location for several years! Here’s my MommyCon Philadelphia review and discount affiliate code MAMABANANA18 to save 10% on any tikcket, including VIP, you buy!

The night before MommyCon Philadelphia 2014 I debated going….We had a rough past few weeks and are running very low on sleep. Our 2-year-old is now 7 weeks out from his bone tumor surgery…and it was almost 3 hours away… and I had work early the next day. My family’s routine has been out of whack and we’re all feeling it a bit.

The alarm went off at 5:30 and hubby offered to drive! I packed a wrap, our cloth diapers (which we pushed around in our stroller) and we hit the road!! It was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I can’t wait to go again!! I wanted to put together some highlights for you and share some of the fun and exciting products we saw and experiences we had. (Here come the Photos)

Babywearing Record Setting
MommyCon Philadelphia

I am so excited that MommyCon is returning to Philadelphia for 2018! Why? The convention center is sprawling, AND unlike some of the other locations…there is awesome food across the street. In 2014 we went to Panera and shouldhave also gone to the Reading Terminal Market. I used to live in Philadelphia and could literally spend the whole day just in the market. Lots of food, a great center and lots of public parking right around the center itself. You can pay regular Philadelphia parking fees and not get whacked with $30-$50 like in MommyCon DC.

When? Saturday July 28th 2018

Where? Philadelphia Convention Center

Time? Doors open at 8:30, it starts at 9:00 AM

1101 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

You can use affiliate coupon code MAMABANANA18 to save 10% on MommyCon Philly passes! 

My highlights from MommyCon Philadelphia 2014

Toddler Carriers! 

      A new line of Toddler carriers from Beco is scheduled to launch! They raffled off testers at the conference for $5 a chance to raise money for a good cause; Vesta Garcia was diagnosed with ALS recently, and proceeds from the raffle, as well as a general donation page, have been put together to help out with her expenses. If you are familiar with the babywearing world, then you know that she has been a pioneer of sorts…and it’s fitting for the industry to give back to her.
     If you already love Beco baby carriers, this is for you. It has the same fabric, shape and structure of the original, but offers a wider support for larger babies/toddlers. The rep saw my baby in our wrap and said “you need to try this now!” Awesome right?


If you love LilleBaby then you’re going to love this! It’s a high-performance toddler carrier that is made from awesome fabric. I had to feel it! It’s clearly very airy and even allows some light to pass…but it’s also bouncy and has squish to it. The Lillebaby rep  said it’s going to be offered in a few different colors…and is coming to the market soon!

Looking for a walker? This Combi Police Car Walker caught my eye! The hood unclips to reveal a snack tray, and it comes in several colors. Definitely the best looking walker I’ve seen! I later purchased this walker for my 4th son and it did not disappoint!

MommyCon Philadelphia

I love a challenge! Although I was hoping to meet Mrs. Spraypal…and see the spraypal demo toilet, playing a find-the-spraypal Instagram challenge is the next best thing! Conference attendees were challenged to take a photo of the SprayPal, Instagram it and be entered for prizes!! The Spray Pal – Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield is one of my favorite cloth diaper accessories!

MommyCon Philadelphia

If you’re a breastfeeding Mom then you know that finding ‘nursing tops’ can be challenging. Often there isn’t a big selection, they’re hideous, or not very functional. This line from Latched Mama has many options including a lift up flap in combo with a pull down nursing opening inside and peek through holes in the side to nurse discretely. I even found some on Amazon!

MommyCon Philadelphia

We stumbled upon this geneleman, founder Hector Cruz, taking photos and a studio setup right in the exhibit hall! If you’re not familiar with Project Breastfeeding then you need to be! It’s a great movement designed to “Destigmaitize public breastfeeding” educate men and empower women! Visit their site for info, babywearing and a gentle side of Men supporting breastfeeding. Amazing. Seriously, go sift through the site.

MommyCon Philadelphia

As an OT I’m always looking for ‘toys’ that have other benefits. These balance boards can be used in any way a child (or adult) imagines. These skate-board style toys offer balance challenges, vestibular input, and a whole array of sensory stimulation that comes with the curved base and movement. They can be used in standing, sitting or lying and encourage constant movement.
These Biddle and Bop Spooner Boards come in seven colors, offer an anti-skid surface to keep feet in place, and as I watched conference attendees come up and stand on them….no one wanted to get off! Great ‘toy’ for adults and children alike.

I’m a fan of ZoLi teethers! We discovered these molar teethers (seen below in four colors) with my first son and I regularly recommend them to others. The Zo-li Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagers and these super cool Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy Cup that has a straw that “follows the liquid.” So if the cup is tipped upside down, the straw base falls to the top to suck up all the liquid!

Major event higlight…meeting Alisa from Tekhni Woven Sling Studio!! My review of our beautiful Ceres Wrap has some great company information, but if you have been wondering about this shop owner…I can attest that she is as wonderful in person as she is online. It would be soooo easy to spend the whole conference looking at the beautiful wraps she brought !!

MommyCon is one of the only places where doing this (below) in the lobby doesn’t elicit strange glances!! Instead I had a few Mamas come up to ask about this carry and to feel this amazing wrap. We brought home a beautiful Tekhni tester with Tussah Silk and Cotton..full review to follow…but let me tell you, this is not your Grandma’s silk! This is serious support and the soft sheen gives this wrap amazing character!!

We traveled around to the back tables at the conference and I got my first in-person look at Cari Slings. My stash needs yellow and this wrap Madeline will be released soon! It does look a little more green then it shows up in this photo, but if you love this brand this conference exclusive will be available to you soon!

If you follow the wrap world, then you know this is Natasha…Pavo Textile celebrity!! Read more about the company and my Pavo in my review. I had to get a photo, I was like ‘honey, hold the camera!’…and yes…that is a not-yet-released Pavo soft-structured-carrier SSC!

Another amazing find I know will be a huge hit, is this Embrace Life Babasling Baby Carrier. It comes with a Padded shoulder…and not one, but two clips in the back! A buckle ring sling you say? I think this will meet the needs of many parents who want the carrier, without the wrapping and adjusting that comes with standard slings and wraps. More to follow including a full review!

All conference attendees took home a Kiinde Breastfeeding Starter Kit!! I haven’t tried ours out yet, but this system allows you to pump directly into the bags that baby eats from. The company rep said other attachments that allow you to use any nipple area available, a warmer, as well as a system to make home-made baby food pouches! I’ll let you know more when I take this system to work!

Milkin’ Cookies Lactation Cookieswas at the event (if you haven’t tried their cookies…they are deeeelicious!)…and offering a fantastic coupon code (LOSTCOOKIES) for 10% off cookies orders. Why lost cookies? Their shipment of conference cookies never made it to Philly! I imagine someone is sitting on a huge pile of cookies…making lots of milk 🙂 Visit their website HERE to learn more about this wonderful brand, owned and operated by wonderful Mamas.

One item that my boys will L-O-V-E is this adorable is the Crane Train Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Black!! It’s carried by Amazon and I don’t know if you can tell from this photo, but the mist comes out of the front stack on the train car! This hand is of the little girl next to us who was so excited to see it too. We have a frog and a penguin….this will be next!

Overall, I’m still reminiscing about the fun I had at MommyCon! There were two big conference rooms running. One was for lectures, the other for the expo and I’m so glad I went with my instinct and spent most of our time in the expo. I hope to go again and loved meeting all of the companies, fellow Moms and babywearers, and had such a great time! As always, thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate a ‘follow’ on any of my social accounts and have a wonderful day!

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