The Miracle League of Lehigh Valley – We Couldn’t Get In

The Miracle League of Lehigh Valley – We Couldn’t Get In

We didn’t start out at Everybody’s Playground. Living in North Eastern Pennsylvania, I packed all 4 of my boys, plus Grandma, up into the truck and drove to the closest accessible landscape structure playground, over an hour to the Miracle League of Lehigh Valley PA. When we arrived we noticed a large gate around the property and a lock. I walked around the property and noticed that everywhere I could see was fenced in.

As someone who has simply never been to a playground, soccer field or park that’s gated and locked, I searched for a phone number. My kids and I have been to local playgrounds in the snow. Playing on the slides on a sunny snowy day is amazing!

I called the number on the organization’s site and was told that it’s closed. I did say that I was doing an article on accessible playgrounds and asked what the point of having an accessible playground was if people couldn’t use it? The company representative said: “We spent too much money on it to leave it open to everyone.” I thought, “we”…I thought this was a charity run organization with public donations?!

The woman on the phone, I regret not getting her name, also noted that it’s only open at specially designated times because again, they don’t want open to everyone. She did mention that I could make an appointment to come back and have someone let me visit. So, if you are hoping to visit this playground I recommend calling to make an appointment first.

I did send an e-mail to Diane Alford, the executive director listed on the Miracle League Network’s Parent Website just in case she was unaware that the playground is not accessible outside of events per the woman’s report on the phone. I don’t completely understand organization structure but after wasting all the time I did trying to get to this playground I’ll let you do more research on the charity if you desire.

Have you donated to the Miracle League?

I thought, perhaps this is a private organization. However, when I visited the website I noticed that they are a charity with a donate button to donate online and address to send “donations” to. I quickly started searching for opportunities that I could have donated to the Miracle League of Lehigh Valley…because I immediately would regret it knowing that the playground is locked and closed and that this accessible playground is rather inaccessible. I believe the emphasis of this location is on baseball however, the entire venue is closed off.

While I dislike negativity, I felt as though that was worth mentioning because if you hop in the car with your family on a warm sunny Fall Day, as I did, and drive to Schnecksville PA, you will meet a padlock. I wish I knew this ahead of time, but simply have never been to a playground that’s locked and closed to the public and I could have saved my family time, money from tolls and disappointment.

We did get back into our truck and drive another hour to Everybody’s Playground which was amazing. Simply amazing! I called first and asked if it was open to which the woman replied: “what playground isn’t open all year?” I highly recommend visiting Everybody’s Playground!

miracle league of lehigh valley

miracle league lehigh valley

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