Making the Switch to Reusable Menstrual Products

     Breastfeeding has allowed me to go for long periods between pregnancies period-free! (Yay). However, as I start to think about the future (and the return of Aunt Flow) my thoughts go towards reusable menstrual products. While I use cloth diapers on my children to reduce their exposure to chemicals, what about me? With cancers of all sorts seemingly on the rise, I want to limit chemical exposure to not just my whole body, but my lady parts too. 
     I am soon to be the proud owner of some reusable menstrual products. Know what’s just as much fun as shopping for cloth diapers?? Cloth pads! I’ll show you the 3 I have on the way from the Pink Lemonade Shop and am so excited to get these in the mail! Aren’t they pretty?! This is a screen shot so the photo is a bit blurry, but as you can see I scored some great prints in their latest stocking and some affiliate links so you can take a look at these online too!

     I’m hopeful and look forward to learning how to use reusable lady products! How do you know what to buy? I looked at my disposable pads and measured them with a tape measure. I bet that’s something they won’t show you on an episode of This Old House. I decided to go with the larger pads just in case I need more absorbency, but look forward to adding some light-flow liners in the future. Only 3 pads? I know. This will be like growing a cloth diaper stash. As I can buy them I will…and using 3 pads is better then none! That’s 3 pads I’m keeping out of the landfill and away from my lady area…plus…did I mention that they’re pretty? I think the red will help reduce any sort of noticible staining and discoloration that I may get down the line. Overall I’m excited and will keep you updated as I start through this journey!
     Thoughts? Have you tried reusable lady products? Would you, could you and I’ll take any tips and suggestions anyone experienced has! (Pads above are from the Pink Lemonade Shop). 

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