Made in Canada Cloth Diapers

Not all cloth diapers are created equal. Some cloth diaper brands go to great length to product their brand in North America. Made in Canada cloth diapers and cloth diapers made in the USA are eco-friendly, promote fair working conditions and good wages, guarantee that no child labor is involved and in my professional opinion…put out the best diapers on the market. Which cloth diapers are made in Canada?


AppleCheeks cloth diapers made in Canada! Their “…cloth diapering products are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!” This includes their size 1, size 2 and AppleCheeks size 3 pocket diapers and their one-size pocket. In addition, AppleCheeks makes training pants, swim diapers, nursing pads, wet bags and liners.


Bummis cloth diapers are proudly made in Canada with materials from North America whenever possible. They promote a #MadeHere promise and transparency with their made in Canada cloth diapers. These include one of the most absorbent all-in-one cloth diapers on the market, the Bummis AIO. Products also include the Bummis whisper wrap, one-size swim diapers, sized swim diapers, bibs, prefolds, sun line, training pants, fabulous flo reusable menstrual pads and accessories! *Note Bummis products from Mini Kiwi design may still be for sale in some locations and found on BST, they are also Made in Canada!

Made in Canada cloth diapers Bummis


     Omaiki has a great made in Canada cloth diaper line including one-size fitted diapers, 3.0 hybrid cloth diapers, all-in-one cloth diapers, bibs, reusable menstrual pads, swim diapers, wipes, night trainers and snack and sandwich bags all made in Canada! In addition, 95% of their materials are from Canada and their packaging/labels are also Canadian made! Can’t get more local than that…

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AMP Cloth Diapers

     AMP reports that their cloth diapers are ” made in our own factory right here in Winnipeg, MB our employees make a fair wage and work in comfortable and safe working conditions.” Their line includes one size diapers, sized diapers, fitted diapers, all-in-one diapers, all-in-two diapers, swim diapers, boosters and accessories.

Easy Peasies

     Easy Peasies are proudly made in Canada and the company also offers a lifetime warranty on snaps! They carry one-size pocket style diapers (seen below), newborn diapers, one-size AIO, swim diapers, trifolds, boosters and accessories including reusable menstrual pads.

Bella Luna Inspiration

     Bella Luna Inspiration cloth diapers are made in Southern Ontario and they also work to source as many fabrics as possible from Canada. Their product line includes bibs, blankets, cloth diapers, cloth diapers with tails including dinosaur and mermaid, one-size cloth diapers, mama cloth, wet bags and accessories and do custom embroidery.

**** More diaper brands being added. Have one I missed? Please let me know! ***

Honarable Mentions. While these companies don’t make cloth diapers, both LunaPads and Chimparoo baby carriers are Made in Canada! LunaPads makes reusable menstrual pads, period panties and accessories and Chimparoo makes baby wraps and other style carriers!

Where to Shop for Made in Canada Cloth Diapers? My affiliates:

Lagoon Baby (Canada Shop)

Carries: AMP, Omaiki, AppleCheks, Bummis baby and Chimparoo

Nicki’s Diapers (USA Shop)

Carries: Easy Peasies, Bummis baby and AppleCheeks

Kelly’s Closet (USA Shop)

Carries: Bummis diapers and menstrual care, AppleCheeks, and LunaPads

Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Made in Canada Cloth Diaper Link-Up Below!

Do you have a handmade shop in Canada or know of one? Add it below!

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