Locket Necklace With Laser Photos Guaranteed for Life

As a Mom I’m always looking for things that both fit my style and remind me of my family. I love these lockets from Pictures on Gold that can be personalized across every inch with engraving! The art & my photos are engraved using a laser that will never scratch off! Moms with toddlers understand my excitement, right?! In addition, I can put photos on both inside frames and, should my 2 year old dunk it into the kitchen sink like my IPhone (may it RIP), it’s guaranteed and wont’ scratch. Amazing gift you say? Yes, I think so too!


     I think lockets are really precious jewelry. They literally carry your most important photos right near your heart! However, I remember the pictures falling out of lockets that I painstakingly cut out and made to fit in that tiny frame. Not with a laser! Why? Pictures on Gold does some pretty amazing work with these laser engraved lockets:

  • Color Laser or Laser is 100% Waterproof & Scratchproof and is guaranteed for a lifetime.
    • (Wish I could say that about my IPhone!)
  • Pictures are engraved permanently into 14K gold, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold.
  • Normally Ships in 1 Day.
  • Message Engraving is engraved with a high definition laser engraver.
  • If when uploading your photo, your photo doesn’t fit perfectly inside the locket and you see white space, they will automatically fill in.
  • If your photo has people in it that are spaced apart, our digital artists will enhance the photo to bring them closer together. Pretty awesome!
  • Color Laser or Laser- they remove the background of the photograph and you can give “Special Instructions” if you’d like the background kept in.
  • If there is an object you want removed from the photo or you have any special requests, let us know in the “Special Instructions” box (Last Step).

laser engraved locket has color photos lasered in and guaranteed for life. Great gifts for Mom, Grandma and everyone. engraved-locket

    Have you made one yet? I’ve been playing around with the design for days and while they don’t have a Mom with 4 babies, I settled on the one you see above with the Mom holding her pumpkin. Impressed? Even better…my readers get to save just in time for the Holidays with 10% off Pictures on Gold.

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