LILLEbaby Essentials Hood Hack

     I love our LILLEbaby Essentials carrier! Now that LILLEbaby’s at Target, these can be in the hands, and hearts, of many more families! It’s an amazing price for the quality. However, as my baby continues to grow, I’ve noticed that I can’t quite stretch the hood over his head comfortably. Unlike our Lillebaby Complete carrier, that totes a higher price tag, this hood has elastic loops to hold up the sleep hood instead of snaps. His long torso plus my short torso means his head is pressed to my chest when I stretch it over. When we went for a walk the other day, I was carrying him in front and he fell asleep. As I tried to stretch the hood over his head I noticed that it was a bit tight. I had a hair tie on my wrist and quickly adjusted it to fit comfortably! I not keep the carrier like this and it’s perfect! Here’s how I did it:

     This hack was inspired by need, and being about 45minutes away from home. I had taken my family on a walk and baby fell asleep. I went straight for the sleep hood. It’s airy, light and allows baby to breathe while staying cool. However, when I stretched it over his head I noticed there wasn’t much room for him to move. His head was pressed into my chest and I had it as low as it could go, to release extra length. We needed a bit of extra room.
     He, now 6 months old and wearing 24m clothing, and have a shorter torso. I needed to get a good fit, on the go. Would this happen for a taller Mama? We did not have this issue when he was smaller, and perhaps a spring growth spurt occurred. I don’t know, I look forward to your insight and comments. However necessity, being the Mother of invention, arose. I had hair ties on my wrist and quickly made the hood longer. While the hair tie is not as dense as the hood elastic, the extra length and stretch solved this for us quickly. One thing of note, the hair tie is more stretchy then the hood and would not be ideal for higher tension support, but fits our needs perfectly. Look below:

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     It’s important to find the right fit for you and baby, the most common babywearing mistakes I see are often fit related. As always, this is something that worked for me and my baby personally. Please consult a babywearing fit expert for individual fit guidance, your local shop or company customer service.  Even online guidance can be eye opening. This is an amazing carrier for under $90! I recommend it frequently and know that with this hack my little one will enjoy this carrier and hood for a very very long time. Have you ever adjusted a carrier to fit your needs?

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