Protecting Baby From the Sun

Les Proudits De Maya Sunscreen

There are chemicals everywhere these days. After reading reports of chemicals in sunblock, I wanted to make sure I was using baby-safe sunblock and sunscreen safe for babies on my children. Why natural sunblock? Our skin is the largest organ in our system and it absorbs the products we use such as lotion and sunblock. I look for whole, organic ingredients, derived from quality and environmentally friendly sources. I took this sample from Les Produits De Maya sunscreen, Outdoor Protective Cream, to the beach and want to share it’s performance with you. In combination with other sun-safe tips, this sunscreen helped keep my kids burn-free and ensured everyone had a great day at the beach! In addition to the sunscreen, Les Produits De MaYa makes cloth diaper wipe cleansing milk perfect for babies! See our experience below:

les proudits de maya sun protectant baby safe sunscreen

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     Les Produits De MaYa offers makes this kid-safe sunblock with high quality and minimal ingredients. I read the label and thought that with the oil content, we would crisp like bacon on the beach. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked well, didn’t wash right off in the pool and ocean, and was easy to apply and spread. It contains:
Ingredients: Organic Extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing, organic coconut oil, organic yellow carnauba wax, organic shea butter and zinc oxide with no nano, and Vitamin E for preservation.
     When taking baby to the beach for the first time, I made sure to cover him with sunscreen before leaving the hotel room. At 6 months of age, I knew he would want to look around and lay on a towel to get a view of the sky. I covered him with Les Produits De Maya before putting on his suit so I didn’t miss any spots, and did the same for my toddlers and 5 year old. We stayed at the beach from 1.5-3 hours each time and I did not need to reapply this product. When I first opened the container, I noticed that the cream looked like it has little beads inside. These quickly melted when I spread the sunscreen and left a white appearance on my children’s skin. It has a plesant scent, but is not “scented.” so to speak.
     I carried baby in our Babylonia USA Tricot Cool sling to stay cool while babywearing and noticed that the sunscreen didn’t transfer to our wrap or my clothing. I rubbed it right on my baby’s head to protect his exposed scalp and wore a sunhat which gave him some shade in our carrier. I do like that the product has a flip-top and comes out easily, but did not leak in my diaper bag. I have tried 5 or 6 other natural sunscreens and this is in my top choices. I would recommend this and can say that a little goes a long way!
les proudits de maya sun protectant baby safe sunscreen

les proudits de maya sun protectant baby safe sunscreen

babywearing at the beach

Les Produits De MaYa’s name was derived from owners and parents Marie and Yannick. Originally from France, the family now calls Montreal Canada their home. Looking at the photo of Marie typing at her computer with her baby on her back in a carrier, while I type on my computer with baby on my back ensures me that this is a great product for all of you. Made well, with quality ingredients, from like-minded parents with baby in mind.
Where to get their products? Currently only available in Canada, USA residents can take advantage of the awesome conversion rate which lowers prices for USA residents and actually makes shopping in Canada both smart and economical. As these products grow in popularity I’m sure we’ll find them at our favorite USA retailers soon, but until then…ship from Canada and enjoy the conversion rate! If you’re already in Canada, you have a great selection of shops to choose from, support local shops and enjoy this Sunscreen and sample their other product, Oleo-Calcaireous Ointment, a cloth diaper safe cleansing milk!

les proudits de maya sun protectant baby safe sunscreen
         As always, Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to Read my Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach
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Good to know about this product. We plan on going to the beach this summer. We will be taking my grandson for the first time and he will be 1 and 1/2 yrs old. I did purchase a Bummis sun protection shirt on Black Friday but there is plenty of skin that will need protected and we don’t want all the chemicals either.