Kitchen Composting with Compokeeper Review

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     I have been kitchen composting since I was a child. I remember my Mom telling me that coffee grounds and potato peels were the best fertilizer for our bland clay soil. To me, kitchen composting is an everyday event, and I believe everyone should do it. It’s time for our country to ditch the chemicals and turn to nature-based plant nutrients for healthier gardens, cleaner water and less pollution.
     Compokeeper had an instagram “show me your kitchen scraps” contest and I was thrilled to win! I put this into action immediately and in less then 48 hours had a bag full of goodies for my garden. I have two outdoor compost bins that I made out of pallets, and a worm bin that is made from an old garbage can that has a split down the side. The food typically goes into the worm bin, and things like leaves, clippings and bigger garden items like leaves and stems go into the pallets. The compokeeper will certainly help me keep them full! Made in the USA and designed for kitchen composting at it’s cleanest, I think you’ll love this bin too! Here’s my thoughts and review:

     The compokeeper arrived within a few days after shipping. It was packed in a brown compokeeper box that was just slightly larger then this box. I really like the packaging. My kids found it really exciting and have TWO boxes to play in!! Yes…we have toys all over the house and they will spend hours playing with boxes. The compokeeper came in eco-friendly packaging (without bubble wrap) and was surrounded by two large sheets of brown paper. Toddler fun for hours. I love getting this paper in packages because it makes a great cover for the table at craft time and/or for giant art projects. Taped to the floor or wall, this paper is a must-have for crafty kids.
     My 1 year old helped me unpack the goodies from inside the compokeeper. The bin itself is 17” tall x 11” wide x 15” deep and has a 6 gallon capacity. Items like the bags and filters will need to be replaced over time and it comes with under-the-counter or out-on-the floor setup options. Items include:
  • Compokeeper bin (Available in black, green, red and white)
  • 12 Biodegradable bags (recurring cost)
  • 2 Carbon filters (one for now one for later, also recurring cost)
  • Sticker sheet with labels
  • Handle for under-cabinet use

     First order of business was choosing a label. Since this will be for compost I used the “compost” sticker/label on ours. If I had a second bin I would try a wetbag/pail liner in here for cloth diapers. Next I placed the carbon filter (comes with 2). Even though our compokeeper didn’t come with a screw, I found a small one and placed it in the hole because this flap kept flopping open when I opened the bin. Finally, I placed a bag inside and over the jaws that seal the compost in. These jaws open and close with the pedals and help keep fruit flies out.
     When I first saw the bags I thought they were plastic. Upon closer inspection I noticed the word “compostable” on the bag. Not only will the bag hold my kitchen compost…but they go right into the compost bin with our kitchen scraps! I put one full bag of compost goodness (banana peels, coffee grounds, apple peels/cores, old lettuce, egg shells and strawberry tops) into the worm bin today and plan on seeing how long it takes to decompose. I later learned that these bags Should Not go into the worm bin, so I plan on emptying the contents into the worm bin and tossing the bag in with yard compost. The bags come in packs of 12 and will last as long as you can fill them. I plan on coming up with a reusable option.
     In addition to not being safe for the worm bin, I’ve found that these bags start to decompose indoors. Especially if compost contents are moist, I have been unpleasantly surprised by the decomposing bag. On multiple occasions I’ve lifted the bag to find the bottom missing, and the compost drops through the giant hole and into the bin…requiring the bin to be cleaned thoroughly.
     Although it’s not totally odorless…because let’s face it, there are kitchen scraps sitting in here…it definitely is more smell free then other options we’ve tried. Thanks to the carbon filter that sits in the lid vent, the bin remains odorless until I open it.However, when I open the lid the odor does come out. Calling it odorless is a stretch, but I do like that the lid closes and has the filter.
     An important note about the compokeeper is the lid operation. There are two pedals that open/close the lid. Depressing the Right opens the lid, and depressing the Left closes the lid. When I try to open this with my hand I occasionally unhook the metal lever that operates the lid and have to reattach it. Same thing with the kids, if the play with it the lever may unhook. I making it a habit to use the pedals to ensure the compokeeper stays assembled, but this is harder to explain to my toddlers.
     The model seen here is listed for $99 on the Compokeeper website, and $115 on Amazon shipped. The bags an filters are an additional periodic cost, and this may make this a luxury item for some. Overall I don’t believe the product is worth the price. The lever system needs to be tweaked and the decomposing bags can make a big mess when they decompose ahead of time. Don’t let it stop you from kitchen composting!! Read my kitchen composting post and see how you can make your own less sophisticated container for FREE to start making compost today. 

     I hope you are as thrilled with it as we are and as always…Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following!
     Please make sure to visit the Compokeeper website and follow Compokeeper on Facebook for updates.They are listed and sold on Amazon as well and are easily shipped and accessible.

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