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Kinderpack Preschool Review

Kinderpack Preschool Review

As a Mom of 4 boys, I have been babywearing for many years. I’ve tried lots of different carriers, enjoy the benefits of babywearing and love holding my children close. While infant sized carriers are great for infancy and often into toddlerhood, I found that I needed a larger size carrier for my boys once they entered the toddler phase and into childhood. As a Mom of a disabled child, I enjoy having a larger size carrier to meet his needs and am thrilled to share this Kinderpack Preschool with you.

kinderpack preschool review

Disclosure: I was provided with a review sample, however, the opinions here are my own.

I have been babywearing my second son since he was born!  I now refer to carrying him as childwearing. He’s 5.5 years old and enjoys being carried. However, being carried now goes beyond comfort and soothing I focused on when he was smaller. When he was an infant, I often carried him to keep both of us happy and I loved multitasking with both hands while he sat happily on my chest or back.

Now, childwearing is both functional and allows me to take all 4 of my boys to more activities. While he has a wheelchair for long distances like supermarket shopping, the wheelchair doesn’t go to his brother’s soccer games on mushy grass, hiking in the woods or to his favorite playground. Now, having a carrier means the difference between being able to go some places and having to say no to meetups and play dates.

A few of my favorite things

One of my favorite things about the Kinderpack Preschool is the availability of prints and options. They have so many prints that my son adores! Now that my son is 5 I feel like he really cares about the print. When he was smaller I picked it…but now it’s an extension of his style and outfit.

In addition to what you see ready to ship, they offer preorders in equally amazing prints and with the full panel or with the Koolnit seen below. I hope they come out with Minecraft or Spiderman too and with the options I’ve seen so far…I think it’s a real possibility!

Kinderpack Preschool Features

  • Fits from 3-5 years: 35-55 lbs, starting at 38″ tall.
    • Kindercarry notes that all weights are suggested weights and may vary depending on each child.
    • “Suggested weights are based on appropriate proportions for the body panel size. Each Kinderpack can safely hold much higher weight limits than what is suggested, but comfort may be compromised.”
  • Great for big kids and kids with special needs who still want or need to be carried as they grow
  • Hood that fits between the main body panel as opposed to tucked into a pocket on the back of the carrier (shown in photo below)
  • Preschool panel’s measurements: 20″ high (add 2″ for headrest) x 20″wide.
  • Padded leg area for comfort
  • 3 piece shaped contoured body panel made with 8oz brushed canvas & paired with a fashion print!
  • Available in 2 strap sizes: standard (seen here) or plus:
    • Standard Size: Size 0-22 (19-20″ straps+ 13″ of webbing; waistband fit 26″-60″)
    • Plus Size: Size 18 and up (24″ straps+ 13″ of webbing; waistband fits 26″-60″) – great for large busted women, and tall men.
  • Carriers are available in full panel or Koolnit (seen here as white panel in center of carrier)
  • Can be used for front or back carry.
  • Adjustable straps all around including a chest strap that slides up and down.
  • Great structured waist band. It doesn’t fold down on itself even with my 5 year old in the carrier.


kinderpack preschool review

kinderpack preschool review

kinderpack preschool review

kinderpack preschool review

kinderpack preschool review

Kinderpack Preschool Fit

I find this carrier to be very comfortable. My son her is 45 inches tall and 45 lbs. His legs feel supported and I feel secure even when he’s bopping his legs around or staring up at the sky. One of my son’s legs is shorter than the other and he wears a special shoe. Because of this, he doesn’t walk for long distances and also gets tired or sore fast. I can carry him to and from the playground so he can spend all of his energy playing with his brothers and other kids…and I handle the transport!

About my son

My handsome little man here is 5.5, 45″ tall and 45lbs. He has a bone tumor in his left femur (thigh bone) that has shortened and deformed his leg. He loves Spiderman, Minecraft and is a sweetheart. He is having another surgery April of 2018 that we thought could wait until he was 7! He is a brave little man and is possibly keeping LEGO in business!

Below, we’re wearing the Preschool Kinderpack with standard straps. I have them tightened nearly as tight as they go, lots of room for my hubby to wear him too, and I’m 5’4 and 1/2″ (and shrinking) and around 140 lbs last I checked! With this fit he can comfortably tuck both arms in and currently has a LEGO stored by his belly that you can’t see in the photo.

kinderpack preschool review

(Pinterest sized image below)

kinderpack preschool review

kinderpack preschool review

Overall Impression

I’m really happy with this carrier! I wasn’t sure if I’d like the kooknit but I do. My son tends to get hot, especially he tucks his arms in and having the panel is great. It’s not too stretchy. This is more supportive than our tula toddler. On all of our tulas the fabric feels more like a cotton woven. I have trouble pulling the fabric up his back on our tula toddler and no issues with this at all.

I would recommend this carrier to others. I do note that I muffin-top with the front band like I do with other carriers. I prefer to typically wear a more loose top or push the old Mama belly down to help flatten it out!

About Kindercarry

I really love this company and am proud to own a product from them! Kinderpack carriers are Made in the USA and they offer preorders, customs and a wide range of sizes! Kindercarry is a small, family run business in Godfrey Illinois!

Kindercarry carriers are made by a small team of professionals. They are not factory produced in high volume overseas. I find that very comforting because it makes me feel like details and attention are at their highest! Their work-at-home sewing staff consists of 2 husband and wife teams that each work together to create Kinderpack carriers. Can you get any better than that? It makes the carriers feel really special.

Where to buy the Kinderpack Preschool

You can shop the Kindercarry website via my referral link. I do earn credit towards additional carriers and would love to add another to his collection since he has outgrown our others! The amazing space print they have is next on our list!! I do have a personal request for Minecraft…he would go bananas if he had a Minecraft carrier!


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