Keeping Cool and Babywearing in Hot Weather

     I love babywearing, but babywearing in the summer can get hot! When it’s warm out, I often feel a bit of sweat on baby’s head and watch for signs of overheating. I look for ways to keep him cool, while babywearing, but often try to encourage staying out of our more dense and less-breathable carriers. Luckily, I have this Tricot-Slen Cool wrap from Babylonia USA that I have been using with my 6 m/o since birth. It’s made from Jersey Knit 100% Newlife fabric. Newlife fabric is a high-tech fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. It washes and dries quickly, is ideal for water use and comfortable for both me and baby. While not quite a woven wrap, like our BB Slen Pineapple Woven, but also not quite a stretchy wrap, this carrier is in a category of it’s own and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be cool in warm temperatures.

   At approximately 22.5″ wide and 18 feet long, this at first looked like a lot of wrap. However, I am a fan of long wraps and enjoy the way they distribute baby’s weight on my shoulders, cradle baby and provide fabric for covering his head when he falls asleep. In the photos here, I have my son in a FWCC carry at the beach. I took this wrap into the ocean, walked the boardwalk and enjoyed how cool this kept both of us. It even dried quickly after being in the ocean and my son had many comfortable and cool naps right on the beach! The wrap allowed me to find seashells with my older children, splash in the ocean and have my hands-free for carrying our beach chair.
     At approximately 25 pounds, my baby and I found this wrap both supportive and comfortable in this carry. While a FWCC can be tied behind my back, I prefer to bring the tails around to the front and tie it under his bum. This gives some extra seat support and comfort in this carry. As you can see, this is a generously sized wrap. I was confident that my husband could wear my son if needed, and even washed this at the hotel after my baby peed in his swim diaper…which allows water to pass right through. The wrap has a bit of stretch, but unlike our stretchy wrap I did not put this on before placing baby in a carry. I prefer to put this on like a woven wrap and was able to do so right on the beach!
     Looking at the Newlife fabric itself, I can see through it when placed between me and the sky. It looks like webs of diamonds, both airy and cool. While not as stretchy as our stretchy wraps, it’s also not as supportive and dense as our woven wraps. The Tricot-Cool is considered a hybrid wrap and Babylonia USA reports it’s suitable for all carrying positions. Made in the Netherlands, it’s perfect for warm weather and this unique fabric wicks moisture, dries and cools quickly and is very breathable. Made with non-toxic dyes, I have yet to notice fading and I really enjoy this Navy wrap. While I have not tried it for a back carry, because my infant is not yet ready, if/when I do I will update you!

     Babylonia USA has a huge line of carriers. Carriers include stretchy wraps in two varieties; Tricot Slen Organic and Tricot Slen cool (seen here). They even offer a BB-Sling (ringsling), BB-Tai which is inspired by traditional Mei-Tai carriers, and the Tri-Cotti which uses two fabric loops (no tying or buckling) to create a fast and easy carry and woven wraps. In addition, wraps are consciously made and with fair trade practices, quality dyes and materials and the environment in mind.
     The BabyloniaUSA company is owned by Jason Miller, he and his wife have 3 little ones and they are committed to high quality babywearing. After meeting husband/wife team Ingrid Guikers and Chris DeBruyn, Babylonia founders, Jason and his wife fell in love with the company and product line and this division was born! It’s a pretty fantastic story, I recommend reading the “About Us” section on their website and I know you’ll fall in love.   
 Visit their website for an extensive line of products!
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