IsoFresh Balancing Gel Review

IsoFresh balancing gel review. Many women have relied on douche for years. It’s so widely used that it’s even carried by my supermarket! After the births of my children, even months later I noticed a scent. I spoke to my OB who said it’s normal, but she discouraged douche. She said douche can push bacteria towards my cervix and uterus and cause infection. She also said that the pH of douche was acidic. So, what’s a woman to do? I’ve been testing out IsoFresh vaginal gel and have this review for you. What’s IsoFresh? It’s a balancing gel with 12 applications that encourages normal pH and helps with odor.

isofresh vaginal gel review don't douche use gel

     I’m going there. I’m talking about vaginal odor. When I first heard of this product I could hear Phoebe from Friends singing Smelly Cat. Smelly cat, smelly cat…it’s not your fault!

     About IsoFresh vaginal gel. IsoFresh gel doesn’t have the risk of causing infection, gets inserted with a plastic applicator like a yeast infection treatment and literally smells like roses. IsoFresh Gel features include:

  • Eliminates odor that can result from
    • Monthly Periods, Sweat, Semen, Tight Clothes and/or Vaginal Infections
  •   Promotes Optional Vagina pH
  • Each application lasts 3 days
    • Comes with 1 tube of gel and 2 reusable applicators
  • 100% Isotonic – Salt Concentration Is Balanced to the Salt Concentration Inside Your Vaginal Cells. Other Vaginal Freshening Gels and Douches Are Hypertonic or Hypotonic, and Do More Harm Than Good
  • Stays Put! According to 90% of Users, IsoFresh Isn’t Messy and Won’t Leak Out*
  • Contains NO Parabens, Oils, or Glycerol, Making It the Safest, Gentlest Odor Control Gel Available
  • More Economical than Leading Brands, providing 12 applications in one carton, compared to other brands that provide only 4 applications per carton.
  • Won’t Kill Friendly Vaginal Lactobacillus Bacteria*, Which Helps to Maintain a Healthy Vaginal Ecosystem and Naturally Eliminate Unwanted Odors
  • Easy to Use so You Can Stay Fresh On the Go

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      My impression

     One thing I noticed about this gel is that it smells like flowers. It has clary sage in it, no artificial scents or preservatives. It does stay put like the company reports. However, I find that the recommended 2G is too much. During intercourse, it definitely acts as a lubricant and can be too slippery. I’ve found that using this on a day when I’m not intending on having intercourse is a good idea because the second day it’s far less slippery. It does need to be reused after the 3 days is up and this is really great at the end of my cycle or during ovulation time when my pH changes.

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