How to Get Free Cloth Diapers; Cloth Diaper Charities

     Cloth diaper startup costs can be a lot to handle. In addition, many families are unsure of how many diapers to purchase and what brands to trust. Did you know that there are places to get free cloth diapers? Yes! There are many cloth diaper charities that provide diapers to families who qualify. Need a head start on our diaper stash? Getting free cloth diapers can give you a financial break by allowing you to use the money you would purchase throw-away diapers with towards other necessities. In addition, many cloth diaper brands and stores support small businesses and families.
     Cloth diaper companies are continuously growing and expanding. Many families have already discovered cloth. Not only do cloth diapers save money, but they’re also great for the environment. Unlike a disposable diaper…with cloth you never run out! You simply do laundry! No need to run tot he store or dole out precious family funds. In addition, washing and drying is so easy that if you don’t even need a machine if you don’t have access to one. In addition to these benefits cloth diapers are adorable, free of chemicals that can irritate baby’s skin and come with a supportive community. How do you get free cloth diapers? Here’s some information:

     I opened up an e-mail from Huggies to find these messages, screenshots below. Despite my immediate negative response to this campaign, I clicked through to the link anyway. I was provided with startling and upsetting stats including; 1/3 families experience difficulty providing diapers for their baby, and that 1/20 parents has cleaned out a dirty disposable and reused it. This information was collected in a study by the company, but no real info about the number of participants and demographics. Still, my thoughts went straight to cloth diapers. Why buy disposables, that will run out, for a family struggling with finances? Cloth diapers are a one time purchase, save money over time…wash, use, repeat. What about families who can’t afford cloth? There are free cloth diapers out there, charities and organizations that provide cloth to those who qualify.

     Cloth diapers are the obvious answer to this diaper need. If 1/20 families has resorted to reusing a dirty disposable…why not avoid purchasing something ‘disposable’ and invest in cloth? If someone told me that  my neighbor couldn’t cook because they didn’t have a stove, I wouldn’t send 10 Happy Meals…they’d still not be able to cook after those were used up and be exactly where they were before I provided them. Same with disposable diapers. Providing disposable diapers is a very short term solution, and there is a much better answer out there = cloth diapers.
     What if you can’t afford cloth? Here are some charities that provide free cloth diapers to families in need. Instead of spending time and money providing disposable diapers to families who don’t have the money to replace them, why not donate reusable cloth diapers!! Only makes sense, right?! Have some to donate? Follow the links and find out how!
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     Each organization has their own set or rules and regulations. If you don’t qualify, you can always create a stash by requesting cloth diapers to your baby shower invitations, entering the many cloth contests out there, purchasing a pre-loved stash and by purchasing one or just a few at a time. Cloth diapers also vary in cost. You can get an entire stash of Prefolds and Covers for an extremely reasonable price or find custom hand made diapers for $50 each. If you’re looking into cloth, then look no farther! I hope you’ll love them as much as my family and I have.

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