How to Care for a Woven Wrap with Repreve; Can I Iron Repreve?

     I was scared to wash my first woven wrap. I went months without washing it! Little did I know that most woven wraps arrive in “loom state” and should be washed before it’s wrapped with. Wearing a wrap without washing it first can lead to pulls, thread shifting and cause blemishes in the pattern. Loom state fibers need to be plumped and tightened up during wash/dry. While each woven wrap may have different instructions, I have found that one of the easiest to care for is cotton/Repreve blend. Unlike other blends, Repreve wraps wash well and emerge in perfect condition from the dryer. I don’t think I’ve ever had to iron one. They require little breaking in and look better then my other blends even after spending hours rolled up in a ball. How do you care for Repreve? Can Repreve be ironed?

     Repreve blend wraps are a staple for Tekhni Woven Wraps. I follow the manufacturer instructions when caring for mine. The Tekhni Etsy shop recommends:

  • First wash should be done in warm water, low spin
  • Following washes on a gentle cycle with cool water
  • Natural detergents without any optical brighteners (helps prevent fading)
  • No bleach or fabric softeners, as these can break down the fibers.
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Optional low-temperature iron to reduce wrinkling and soften up after a washing
  • Do not use a ‘hot’ iron (theory is Repreve can melt, I haven’t tried it or ever needed to iron my repreve blends, they always look great!)

     A wrap only needs to be washed as often as it gets soiled. Unless you’re washing a wrap to break it in, which really isn’t necessary with Repreve, washing only takes place when it gets dirty. How does a wrap get dirty? There are all sorts of ways woven wraps get dirty. Maybe it was a hot day and it has swear on it, baby spit-up, baby was snacking and it has food on it…or a diaper failed. When it’s beyond spot-treatment, a wash is definitely called for.
     Once my wraps are washed, I fold and store them on a hanging shelf in the closet. This allows for good air-flow and visibility. However you store your wraps, when in doubt about care…turn to the manufacturer or the product’s tag for direct answers.
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