How Do bumGenius Diapers Hold Up?

     BumGenius 4.0 diapers were our first pocket diapers. When I started my cloth diaper journey, I was couponing hardcore to purchase Pampers sensitive diapers for my boys. It was a lot of work, and despite being rash-free, the diapers still contained chemicals. I was given a set of Econobums and we started our journey! I had 2 covers and 12 prefolds. We still used a disposable here and there, but I was able to cloth nearly full-time with this humble stash. As our budget allowed, I purchased more diapers for our stash 1 or 2 at a time. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I bought Bum Genius 4.0s. Most of our Bum Genius stash is 3+ years old! Want to see how they’ve held up?

bumGenius 4.0
     I often read about relaxed elastic, worn PUL and staining as concerns in BST of Bum Genius diapers. These issues are often general wear and tear that come with using diapers on a regular basis. What impacts wear?
  • Regular use, if you have a diaper you use daily it obviously gets more wear then a diaper you use once a week.
  • Wash routine: Following a manufacturer’s recommendation helps keep diapers in optimal condition.
  • Dry routine, some companies warn that drying on high temperatures can impact performance, particularly in portions of the diaper subject to change with heat. 
  • Forces of nature, while everyone hopes Fido won’t chew on their stash, things happen. 

      For comparison: Diaper on the Left is 2+ years old, Diaper on the Right is brand new and even has the inserts still inside. As you can see, the elastic in my 2+ year old BG has “relaxed” to just over 1″ and despite some minor piling, it has worn well. This diaper is now in a stash of 60-ish diapers (for 2 boys) however it was once part of a much smaller collection just under 20.
      How have I cared for our BGs? I typically wash my shells separately warm wash/cold rinse and I always pre-rinse them. I have a front-loading HE washer and it does a poor job at cleaning my laundry, so pre-rinsing is a must. Sometimes I use our sprayer at the toilet, other times I use the sink. I use All free and clear and have used this detergent since forever.
      When I have the option, I line dry. I line dry outside in the summer, and I have a line inside during the winter. The line helps keep my shells in good shape, plus it provides indoor humidity in dry North East winters. If I need to I do toss them into the dryer, but I try to all pockets at the same time. Prefolds and our hybrid shells take way longer to dry and our more trim diapers would be subject to heat long after they were dry. I rarely add one capful of bleach, and don’t need to do it often, but I turn to sunning outside for stain removal. I simply take them from the wash and hang outside when it’s not freezing out.

bum genius 4.0 diapers
bumGenius 4.0 diapers
bumGenius worn elastic

     Overall I’m very happy with how my Bum Genius 4.0 diapers have worn. I have 18 total, and 1 shell that developed a minor pull in the PUL… in the front, but it has not impacted performance and I’ve left it alone. The diaper shown here has been used on 2 children and I would certainly use it on our next arrival. While I don’t always use the microfiber BG inserts anymore, I do pair the newborn insert with a Medium prefold if I need extra absorbency. I frequently stuff the pocket with a prefold and the diaper has still held up this well! While I’ll always dream of a crossover snap for my BGs (for the poop roll on the go), I am very pleased with their performance and wear.
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4 years ago

This is super interesting. Thanks for sharing this. Being new to cloth I never thought about the stretch factor over the years


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