Heated Cat Bed

My cat loves being warm. I find him in the clean laundry basket, curled up under the blanket and on top of my baby’s cloth diapers. I’m thrilled to have this heated cat bed for him to relax in. As a young 2 year old cat it keeps him warm and as he gets older, and possibly a little stiff, it will help keep him mobile and happy. In addition the heated cat bed is attractive and plugs into any outlet. The warming element reminds me of a heating pad and doesn’t get very hot, but if I press my hand down I can feel the gentle warmth on the bed and our large cat sure enjoys it. Take a look at our product sample here:


     This heated cat bed by Cozy Cat cat furniture shop is attractive and surprisingly light weight! When the box arrived I was surprised to find the bed inside because it felt fairly empty. In addition, the sturdy part of the bed is “rugged polyester” and the bed cover is washable. The heater is 4 watts and definitely not enough to over heat my cat. This comes in two sizes and we have the larger, medium, because we have a large cat. As you can see at over 20 pounds he still fits well into the bed and is comfortable.

     At first, I placed the heated cat bed by the window. He loves to look outside and I thought this was a good place. I noticed that the bottom is a bit slippery and on a surface like this could use some anti-skid material underneath. I moved it to the floor and he liked it even better! It’s not seated on the floor where he likes to rest in his heated cat bed. The interior is black and his shedded fur is easily seen, however the bed washes and cleans in our machine.

Features include (web quote)

  • Two sizes to choose from: Small (18.5″L x 14″А) and Medium (23″L x 16″D)
  • Two colors: TAN/BLACK and GREEN/BLACK (tan/black medium seen here)
  • Rugged Polyester interior and Plush interior covering
  • A unique removable 4 watts heater to provide warmth when needed
  • Large sleeping area suitable for cats of all sizes
  • Soft, removable interior bedding enhances your cat’s sleeping comfort
  • Machine washable, easy to maintain bedding
  • Cat sleeper with 1-year limited warranty



(Pin Image Below)

This heated cat bed by cozy cat is perfect for our cat. It plugs in and provides gentle warmth he loves. Great for stiff cat joints or just a snuggle, this is a great heated cat bed.


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     Find this heated sleeper for cats on Cozy Cat’s site as well as a seriously impressive selection of cat beds, furniture and accessories. Next on my list is a cat tree! With the items and cat furniture they have available…I imagine the Cozy Cat employees have some of the happiest cats on the planet. I hope you enjoyed this article and seeing my cat very happy in his heated cat bed. Find your own heated cat bed like this, as well as a bunch of others on their site and I hope your cat is as happy as ours!

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Lindsay Gallimore
4 years ago

I wish I’d had this for our foster mommy cat! She would’ve loved it!

4 years ago

We have a cat who is 15 years old and she loves comfort more than anything. What a great product! Love your kitty pics.

Lucy Mills
4 years ago

My cats would love this, maybe would keep them out of my closet and bed, even!

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