Harris Farms Hanging Chicken Feeder Review

I wanted to publish my Harris Farms hanging chicken feeder review on my website for several reasons. I purchased two of these hanging chicken feeders from my local tractor supply. After using them for a few weeks with my flock I noticed some problems that are inherent to the design. I tried to publish my review on the Tractor Supply website and received an e-mail from Tractor Supply stating that my review of the Harris Farms hanging chicken feeder didn’t meet guidelines and wouldn’t be published. So here it is on my personal website.

harris farms hanging chicken feeder review

One of my favorite things about having my own website is that no one can squash my opinion and freedom of speech. When I first purchase two of the Harris Farms hanging chicken feeders from Tractor Supply my chickens were younger. As they aged and grew I was able to hang them, as intended, at an appropriate height for my hens.

One evening I headed out to make sure the chicken coop was closed and was surprised to find my gorgeous Rhode Island Red rooster’s comb bleeding. He had blood dripping down his feathers and all over the coop. I scooped him up, he’s a friendly guy, and took him inside for some first aid. Thankfully, I have a first aid kit for chickens handy and was able to apply corn starch to stop the bleeding. He spent the next few days indoors, waking us all up at the brisk hour of 4 AM. We were thankful when he healed and was able to rejoin his flock.

After caring for Knuckles, our rooster, I went outside to investigate the coop. I needed to find where he had injured himself so that the rest of the flock didn’t have the same thing happen. To my surprise, the hanging chicken feeders were the culprit. Looking back at camera footage from my coop cams, I could see that he was reaching into the top of the feeder to eat, since he was tall enough, and cut his comb on the opening of the feeder.

I headed over to Tractor Supply’s website to leave this feedback. To me, this would be an easy fix by Harris Farms. They could simply provide some sort of cover for the feeder to prevent this from happening. However, I was surprised to learn that Tractor Supply would not publish my review. One of the main reasons I like doing reviews is to help improve products and to help others save time and money when selecting something for their own needs.

So, here my review is on my website.

I am not the only one. I have since found multiple posts in groups about similar issues and also about chickens sitting on top of these feeders and pooping in the opening. While I’m sure there are people out there who have had zero issues with the Harris Farms hanging chicken feeder, as you can see, that was not the case for me.

I currently am using a hog dish to feed my flock but am looking for a better feeder. I’m hoping to make one out of a bucket as I saw on youtube but as a Mom of 4 boys, 24 chickens, a dog, cat, conure and with various work and household chores to do…the feeder will have to wait.

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