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We all want to be “green.” However, let’s be honest. I don’t know about you but I’m tired. I’m a busy Mom, I am juggling too many things at once and focusing on any one thing at a time is impossible. Sure, I’d love to climb up on my roof and install solar panels, personally save endangered species and sort through my neighbors mismatched recyclables. But that’s not going to happen. Today I’m fighting to get through mountains of my family’s laundry and trying to drink the right amount of coffee to be energetic, but not enough to look like I’m in a manic swing of bipolar disorder. So, after a lot of thought, I came up with the top laziest ways to go green today. Things we can do with little effort to help out Mama Earth before she shakes humans like a bad flea infestation. Post contains affiliate links.

    1. Buy organic.

     This is a super easy way to go green. It doesn’t have to be all of your groceries at once, but maybe you love carrots and next time you’re at the store you can buy the organic ones. Just put the organic carrots in your cart instead of the regular carrots and buy them, then eat them. This limits the amount of chemicals you eat and the amount used on the environment and literally takes no more effort then you were already going to spend.

2. Wear your pants more then once

     I remember reading that Americans shower and wash laundry far more often then people in other countries. Showering every day? No, that went out the window when I had kids. Washing pants after just one wear? Look at your pants. Not wearing pants? Thank you for your service to our ecosystem. Are your pants really dirty? If the answer is no, or maybe they can be spot treated, wear them a few times before washing. Apply this to all of your laundry and even bath towels. If your bath towel is dirty after drying your clean body, then you are not doing a good job In the shower.

3. Reusable grocery bags

     Last time I was at the supermarket, buying our organic carrots, I saw reusable bags at the checkout for purchase. I bought four. Next time I went, I bought four more. After I unpack my groceries, I fold the bags and put them into one open bag. The only effort required here is taking them back to the car and then into the supermarket. The cashier packs the groceries, or me if I’m shopping baby-free, into the reusable bag instead of a plastic bag. Sounds easy? I’m still working on this. Sometimes I forget to take them but even if I use them half of the time it’s better then using plastic.

4. Shut things off

     I was driving down the road a few weeks ago and noticed every window lit up in many houses. Do we really need all the lights on? No. Shut things off. The computer, the television, lights and maybe even turn down your hot water heater if you’re feeling spunky. Saving energy has a compounding effect and if we all did a little it would mean a lot to the ecosystem. Those melting ice caps aren’t waiting for anyone!

5. Cloth diaper

     Cloth diapering is a not brainer. Change baby’s diaper like you would with a disposable, but instead of putting the diaper into the trash, put the diaper into a pail to be washed. Wash the diapers, dry, repeat. If you can do laundry, switching to cloth diapers takes no more effort then you would with disposables, except for doing a load of laundry. Put diaper on, take off, wash and repeat. While their are many styles of diapers, all in one cloth diapers do not need any stuffing, adjusting and can literally be washed and dried exactly the same way they are worn.

(Pin image below)

6. Better K-Cups

     I really resisted getting a K-cup machine. Those little disposable pods are a danger for the environment. I imagine they’re caught up in plastic island, the giant plastic mass floating in the ocean, with all the plastic bottles people discard. Not for me! That was, until we got one. The K-Cup machine is so instantly gratifying and easy to use that I’m addicted. Both to coffee and the instant gratification. I have made peace with the machine with the best tasting coffee K-Cups I’ve ever had. Best yet, they’re compostable! I alternate these with a reusable K-cup pod for fast coffee Mother Earth would drink.

7. Drive slower

     When you drive slower you use less gas. Less gas is not only better for your wallet, but it means less emissions from your car. Better yet, drive slower and car-pool. You’ll be more relaxed on the road and pouring less car fumes into the air we breathe. Once the ozone is gone, it’s gone! Slow down and save a lung.

8. Drink out or reusable things

     I don’t know when we turned into a society full of people who can’t make it from the grocery store to our homes without eating or drinking…but the amount of waste one-time use drinks makes is pitiful. You’re not running a marathon, and save any medical conditions can probably make the drive home, without hitting the drive-thru, to use a glass. Need to drink on the go? Get a fashionable stainless steel bottle for water, a reusable coffee mug and inspire those around you to do the same. Reusable bottles come in glass and stainless steel and can be reused fairly indefinitely.

9. Grow something green

     Maybe it’s moss on your sidewalk or a giant vine you’re pretty sure wants to take over the world growing up the side of your building, grow something. Anything. Green things give us oxygen and use carbon dioxide. We need oxygen to survive. Maybe it’s a pot full of weeds or a giant garden with raised beds and you produce vegetables for the whole neighborhood. If each person grew one green thing today we would have a much better tomorrow.

10. Stop using chemicals

     This one is pretty easy, because it allows you to stop doing something you may currently be doing. Switch to vinegar for weed killer instead of super scary roundup, get eco-friendly window and floor cleaner or simply use the same vinegar that’s killing your weeds to mop floors, shine glass and kill germs without killing your brain cells. Ditch the lawn spray that’s preventing the beautiful yellow dandelions that bees need to survive away and put a few more dollars in your pocket…and a few more bees and beneficial insects into the ecosystem. Remember, no bees…no food.

stop using pesticides

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Anne Poitevin Sweden
4 years ago

Re-wearing clothes – this is such a good one! Especially sturdy, forgiving fabrics like denim and cotton. And thanks for the reminder about reusable grocery bags. I need to get mine out of the trunk. Out of sight, out of mind!

barbara parker
barbara parker
4 years ago

Those certainly are 10 easy ways. I scored 10 out of 10! My babies, which I used cloth on them in the 80’s, are grown now. I did buy some cloth for the new grandson and keep dropping those hints for the parents to switch from disposable. lol I showed them the cute Buttons with inserts which they really liked but……. I will be using them when he stays here and keep adding to my stash. Cloth diapers are so much nicer than they were 30 years ago!

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