Giveaway!! Over $300!! When Medicine Becomes Part Of The Family

     Our family has been going through a rough period. Just a few weeks ago my newly turned 2 year old was diagnosed with a bone tumor in his femur (thigh bone). Since this diagnosis hit, we have been to appointments, many tests…and are a week post-op from his first surgery. Watching my 2 year old being wheeled away by a surgical team into the OR has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I felt my heart sink to the floor. People were talking to me and I couldn’t even process it. I thought, right now, exactly now they are doing things to my son. Focusing on the good, the outcome and his smiling face years from now helped keep me strong…and as I looked around I couldn’t help but see the same look on all of the other parent’s faces. We are all going through this together and each have our own story.
     Through this time I have clung to our things. Items that have made our journey easier through comfort. From the custom cloth diapers we took, to the blanket I made, my breast pump and bag…oh, and how I wish I had a way to capture the looks on the faces of surgical interns who walk in on me breastfeeding my 2 year old, or tandem nursing!! PRICELESS!! Anyway, having personal items to care for a child on-the-go is comforting. After surgery we were allowed to use our own diapers and any other items we brought along. He was wheeled into surgery, and brought back out wearing the blanket I made him…and is recovering at home with it too! We were able to use our cloth diapers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and I was happy to find that the staff left his basic care to us.
     After surgery he was crying and I could see he wasn’t himself from pain medication. He was plain old high…luckily, he wanted to nurse and as his morphine wore off he became more himself. We have been potty training and I was surprised that just a few hours after surgery he asked for the toilet. I took him in with his giant leg splint on and put him on the potty. He then projectile vomited everywhere four times… (I have never seen a nurse run away so fast!) …then looked down and peed. Such a sweetheart. Post-operative nausea is common and I cleaned him up with a wash-cloth bath, put his crayon cloth diaper on, fresh pajamas and got to snuggle with my little boy.
    The next few days went fast. I took my 3 year old, 7 month old, our double stroller, a suitcase and bags with us…not knowing how long we would be there for my 2 year old. I felt oddly proud walking around knowing I had everything with us my kids might want or need (including Grandma and Pop) was somehow reassuring and comforting…and must have been a sight with our crew in the hospital. I was thrilled when the hospital brought me a ‘breastfeeding care pack’ with a cool bib and lactation cookie and told me I could have a pump if needed! I had never had a lactation cookie, but it was delicious!
     I was so happy when he was discharged and hope that every day recovering here at home moves us closer towards a goal of wellness. More doctor visits and tests are in our future, but I feel prepared. As I wait for the phone call from a second pathology report I pray that it comes back benign. This has certainly been an unexpected journey and I hope that if you find yourself with doctors and nurses as your most frequented family members, that you have some items to help comfort you and your family too. 
     SprayPal and I have teamed up with a group of companies to help provide others with items that might help make their medical journey a bit more pleasant. Weather it’s picking out a special diaper for a checkup, or preparing for surgery and a hospital admittance…what do they boy scouts say??? Be Prepared! 🙂
     As always, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your time and I hope you have a wonderful day. If today is rough, then I hope you have a better tomorrow 🙂

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield $25 Value

     Okay…if you don’t know the Spray Pal company then you need to click on the link above! Once I found this cloth diaper spray shield I wondered how I lived without one before?! With 2 boys in cloth, it makes cleaning poopy diapers so fast and easy. The Spray Pal company is owned and 100% operated by a wonderful family.
     The Spray-Palers are a Mom and Dad team, both elementary school teachers and the proud parents to two babies, Spray Pal 1.0 and 2.0. Their youngest son was born at 25 weeks and at just 2 lbs, was the first to wear cloth in the NICU where he was receiving care. What can I say, he’s adorable! I love seeing photos of him on instagram and he always brings a smile to my day!
     If you cloth diaper, then you need one of these! I searched for photos, but this fantastic spray pal video made by the company owners is the best at showing how one is used. If you’re on the go, wrapping and storing poopy diapers is easy! I roll and snap closed. When I get home, I take them out of our wetbag and serial-spray them before a washing.

$20 The Little Bumblebee Shop Credit

      The Little Bumblebee is an Eco-friendly Baby shop. If you are looking for a cute patterned cloth diaper, cute accessories, fun teethers for baby, or a wet bag for you life on the go you can find that and more at the Little Bumblebee Shop. These WAHM Pocket diapers are hand made in Minnesota and can be custom ordered for any idea or theme you’d like! She offers collections with themes and hand-picks fabrics that compliment and coordinate together well!
The Purple Unicorn $25 Shop Credit

     The Purple Unicorn is a WAHM shop out of Pennsylvania! The shop owner comes from a long line of seamstresses and hand makes each item. Specialties include hybrid fitted diapers, Maxaloones and shorties, Reversible sundresses and custom orders. She even has fabric that she designed and had made up for items. How great right? One of her specialties is a petal style soaker is made from 5 layers of HOBF topped with matching cotton velour.

CuddleCloth NB Giftset $42.35 value

     Cuddlecloth® is a bath towel, made for moms convenience and baby’s safety. It was created out of concern for slippry babies (they are so slippery when they’re wet!). This patented, innovative and practical bath towel bib is made of 100% cotton terry spa velour, one of the largest, thickest towels for baby on the market.
     Cuddlecloth is a generous size 30″ x 45″, with the gift set, a 9″ Cuddleround™ washcloth is included along with a reusable organza and vinyl gift bag. This series of photos shows how one is used, and unlike other bath towels it will be around into toddlerhood because of it’s generous size and function.
4 Pack of Buti-Pods $24 value! 
     Buti-pod is a soft and durable yet super-flexible and lightweight plastic pouch featuring a center zipper for easy wet wipes dispensing.  Their compact and flexible design also makes them just the right size for holding coupons, receipts, recipes and many other small items.  They are simple, but effective, and you will have wet wipes when you need them most. Buti-Pods are leak-resistant, reusable and environmentally friendly. They are phthalate, lead and bpa free. They are the perfect dispenser for wipes of all kinds – make-up wipes, antibacterial wipes and even to keep extra wipes in your car, stroller or suitcase.

dimensions: 8 inches long x 5 inches wide x 0.5 inch high (a half-inch gusseted center)

2 Week Supply (14 cookies) from Milkin’ Cookies
($21.99 Value)

      Milkin’ Cookies are delicious lactation cookies for nursing moms and were created by 2 working physician Moms!! They include healthy ingredients to boost breast milk production. In addition to wholesome nuts, berries, and wheat flours, Milkin’ Cookies contain key ingredients called galactogogues–foods known to boost lactation. They’re made in small batches and are free of preservatives and even come dairy free!  Order Online and have them arrive at your door! 

Lillebaby Complete Carrier $130 value

     Babywearing is one of the best and most comfortable ways to keep your little one happy on the go. Having a soft structured carrier (SSC) like a Lillebaby is a fast and easy way to carry a baby or toddler. I often wear my baby while at my 2 year old’s appointments. It helps keep baby happy (and quiet, even napping!) while I talk with doctors, nurses and staff often about important medical information.
     Designed in the USA, the Lillebaby complete goes from 7-45 lbs!!!! It boasts 6 carry positions and an adjustable seat, hood, neck support and important lumbar support. “It’s called complete for a reason. The award-winning lillebaby® COMPLETE™ baby carrier offers more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier.”
     With patterns designed by Ty Pennington, a soft and durable 100% Brushed Cotton Exterior and pampering 100% Cotton Sateen Lining, this carrier is both stylish and comfortable. In addition to style and quality materials, the carrier straps can be work backpack style, or crossed with many options to personalize fit.

     Nursing scarves are so versatile! The breastfeeding scarves offered by Cover My Heart are both multifunctional and fashionable. If you saw someone wearing one, it would look like a fantastic accessory to their outfit…the Saharah scarf above definitely doesn’t look like your typical nursing cover. In addition to being fashionable, it helps keep the diaper bag lighter because Mom can wear it all the time! No need to dig through the diaper bag.
     Made of lightweight polyester chiffon fabric it’s airy and breathable to keep Mom and baby comfortable with whatever level of coverage keeps you feeling confident. It boasts a generous neckline, so you can see baby through the top, and 12 different ways to wear. Move over heavy cotton nursing covers, personalizable fashionable breastfeeding scarves are here!

Jaq Jaq Bird Wetbag $19.99 Value
     Jaq Jaq reusable pouches are wonderful! If you’ve owned any of their products then you know they’re high quality. I carry two of their large snack bags to keep my breast pump parts clean and ready for use right in my pump bag. One of their wetbags is hanging in my bathroom too!
     The wetbags are 13 x 16 and leak proof and sweat proof. They really contain wet materials weather it’s dirty diapers, a pair of pants that you had to rinse out because of an accident or staining out and about, or even as a large snack bag…these are awesome! 
     If you’ve owned other wet bags, and were disappointed to find that the cotton outer layer shrunk…have no fear, Jaq Jaq bird wetbags don’t shrink! It’s also a perfect combination with your Spray Pal! Our Spray Pal is folded and hanging in the polka dot bag in our bathroom to keep it neat, organized and at an easy reach for use!

     As always, thank you for stopping by! If you too have found yourself spending more time with doctors then friends and family, have spent so much time on the phone that your arm stays that way 24/7 and if you have had to place your child into the hands of others for surgery know my thoughts are with you too! Please enter this fantastic giveaway below and thank all the wonderful sponsors!

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