Getting Started with Cloth Diapers; How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn

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      I started cloth diapering my my 2nd son when he was 8 months old. I didn’t know a lot about cloth diapers, but jumped right in with a set of Econobums we were gifted. I later fell in love with pockets and started adding one or two at a time to our collection. For my 3rd son, I bought a collection of  ‘one size’ pockets. Even though he was 9.5 lbs at birth, they didn’t fit him until about 15 lbs and I highly valued our prefolds and covers.
     Our stash now contains 12 different brands and we have every style out there. I often get asked about gift diapers and creating a starter stash and want to share this information with you. I can make recommendations based on my preferences, but doing research is always helpful. Make sure to check out my Cloth Diaper Review List for some of our favorites! 

Grovia Prefolds

      A wonderful gift for someone getting ready to cloth diaper are prefolds and covers. Depending on your budget, you can spend anywhere from about $12 to hundreds. If I was buying cloth diapers for my SIL or a good friend to start out, I would get Grovia prefolds and some Thirsties size one and Toosha’s (a WAHM) AI2 covers. The WAHM covers can be completely customized and come in any pattern you can imagine.
     Using a cover is a great way to reduce laundry and make cloth diapering easy. Where as a pocket diaper has to be washed after every use, a cover can be used a few times before requiring laundering. Our first Thirsties duo was a size 2, and they are very roomy! My son was nearly 30 lbs and he was swimming in it. After talking to other Moms and seeing the Thirsties size one covers, I realized that they may go far beyond the weight and size range on the package. They come in a great array of colors and patterns and are made in the USA!!

Thirsties Duo Covers

     A newborn will typically use prefolds in a diaper fold, and an older baby may use them the same way or in a trifold (like a pamphlet). While the trifold may be laid in the diaper and stays in place well, the diaper fold if often held in place with something known as a snappi. Snappis have replaced diaper pins and offer a great way to hold a prefold in place at 3 junctions. They can also offer an adjustable tension and fast changes without finger pricks.
     Diaper covers or shells are placed over the prefold to prevent leaks. The thirsties and toosha’s come with an insert as well so its easy to be stocked up on inserts! Read more about Grovia’s Prefolds and Toosha’s cloth diapers.
     How often a parent intends on washing laundry determines how many diapers/covers you’ll need. A newborn typically wets a lot and changing a diaper at least every 2 hours is recommended (both for disposables and cloth, sometimes more frequently). Using 12 diapers a day is common. So an amazing gift or first purchase would be 24+ prefolds and 6 covers so you can wash every other day. Where to purchase them? Amazon has an amazing cloth diaper selection, buy straight from Grovia for great package deals and the prefolds and has free shipping with $35 purchases and great returns. They also do a baby registry, so it’s a great way to let friends and family know exactly what to purchase.

Great Prefold Graphic from Grovia
     As always thanks for stopping by! I’m always happy to chat or answer any questions you may have. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or feel free to message me here! Have a wonderful day!

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