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Getting Duped Into Posting As a Favor to Companies; Why Bloggers Should Avoid It – Mama Banana's Adventures

Getting Duped Into Posting As a Favor to Companies; Why Bloggers Should Avoid It

     It’s the e-mail you’ve been waiting for! Subject line reads “We Love Your Blog” “Awesome Blog” “We’re Looking for Bloggers” and you get exciting for being recognized, selected and considered for a campaign. You open up the e-mail to read the company pitch and although you don’t see information about the provision of product, or financial compensation, the flattery hasn’t worn off. Thinking that it may be too good to be true,  you send a reply e-mail only to discover that the company is looking for bloggers to post for them for free, include links from their company, and offers no product or compensation in return. Why you wonder? Bloggers, Don’t get tricked/duped by dishonest companies into posting for them!

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post.

     I often open my blog e-mail and find bogus offers from companies. They usually start out with “We love your blog” “Awesome blog” and follow with a letter stating that they are searching for bloggers to post for their company. Last week I received one from a Law Firm fishing for Mesothelioma clients. It started out with a request for me to do a mesothelioma awareness month post to help spread cancer awareness….upon further investigation, which involved clicking through a few pages…I discovered that it was a law firm looking for mesothelioma clients to get money.
      The most recent one I received was from Man Crates. When I saw the company’s name I thought this would be a fantastic product review opportunity…especially with the Holidays approaching. So I responded. I e-mailed the spokesperson back, and was sent a follow up e-mail reporting that this would NOT be a product review or giveaway, also would NOT be a sponsored/paid post. In addition….they needed me to post to MY blog 4-5 times…if not more for them. Obviously I declined.
     So why would a company want to dupe bloggers into posting for them? Last year I was tricked into this by DropCam. I was told that posts were being shared on their social media accounts…and to compose a post about My Slice of the World. AFTER I wrote the post and submitted it, the company e-mailed me back requesting that I put several links to their company website in my post (they even gave me specific links to use)….and low and behold….they NEVER shared it. Once I realized I was duped…I took the links out (because I liked my post) and after learning about searches, google traffic and speaking on twitter with other bloggers.
     SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process in which a search engine selects and lists websites when you type into the search bar on search engines like Google. A company can increase their reliability/stature by having their website linked to by other websites. This is Also the reason your comment moderation should be on if you don’t check regularly…because companies like to ‘link drop’ in your comment section to make it appear as though their website is referenced to on your blog.
     So for this Holiday season, don’t be duped! Unless you want to that is. If you’re unsure, make sure to ask the company representative about compensation. There are many reputable companies out there who would love for you to host a product review, work together for a sponsored post, or do a review/giveaway. If you’re looking to write a post for charity, there are lots of fantastic organizations and find a company like a Humane Society for Animals, Cancer Foundation, Autism Foundation or other charity that would really benefit from a free post with their links included.
     As always…thank you for stopping by!! Has this happened to you? Do you respond or just delete these e-mails?

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