Get Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Never

      Maybe it’s one too many online ads, solicitations from people selling weight loss products or one too many open-mouthed fools. While I was pregnant, the talk about returning to my pre-pregnancy body started. “Don’t gain too much weight, it will take longer to get back to your pre-pregnancy body.” Perhaps it’s one too many Moms bragging about fitting into their Pre-Pregnancy clothing weeks after giving birth, or messages in my inbox about getting a flat stomach, a boob lift after breastfeeding or a wrap treatment to my “problem areas.” In case you were unaware, I’m PROUD of my body. It grew, birthed and now breastfeeds my baby. Because it obviously needs to be said…PISS OFF!

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     Can I get a shout out from all the Proud Moms out there? The Moms who realize that having our stomach’s stretched out to carry a baby is a miracle. Moms who aren’t trying to turn back the clock, jump into a time machine or get-rid of their muffin top in record time. I have had babies and I’m proud!
     I have had 4 babies. While my body is not as large as it was when I was Pregnant…I will Never…ever…ever…be pre-pregnancy again. I’ve had a baby, 4 in fact! High-five to you if you have too, and thank your body, respect the work it has done and be proud of the life you have brought into this world. -Mama Banana’s Adventures.


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